Needles’ Review Cattle Decap./ Decrepit Birth @ Blackened Moon ft. an Interview w/Bill Robinson of Decrepit Birth

Last night i attended the Cattle Decapitation show at the blackened moon is Lansing. Other than half the bands dropping the show, it was great… i was bummed that neither Origin, Battlecross, or Aborted could make it, but the remainder of the bands on the bill pulled it off and put on a great show.
Ive listened to Rings of Saturn alot prior to seeing them live, but to be honest i didnt expect them to be very tight. But i will admit right now, on this very, very rare occasion…. I WAS FUCKING WRONG!!!!! They were spot on note for note and tap for tap.
Decrepit Birth was amazing. Though i would consider myself biased seeming that the ARE one of my favorite bands… at least top five. Which made it that much more exciting to stand face to face with Bill Robinson (vocals) of Decrepit Birth and ask him a few questions ive always wanted to ask. He was a super nice dude and he didnt even hesitate to leave the merch table just to spare some time for an interview before they’re set. And here it is……
DJN: First and foremost… welcome to Lansing… And How is the tour going? With that kind of line-up you must be having the time of your life.
BR: So far so good, the tours going great, good times. Alot better than i expected to be perfectly honest.
DJN: Really? I was stoked to see you guys on a tour with Cattle Decapitation. And Decrepit Birth is one of my favorite bands and being a long time fan ive noticed that each one of your albums brings something new to the table. “…And time begins” was just utter brutality, “Diminishing Between Worlds” became a little more melodic/progressive, and your latest “Polarity” added a very new Ambient/Atmospheric feeling to the mix. What do you think is the logical next up for your next album?
BR: You’d have to talk to Matt (sotelo) about that. I cant say anything or hell get pissed at me.
DJN: Oh ok fair enough. So is he doing most of the writing?
BR: Haha im just kidding with you, but no were all pretty much involved the same. But after Diminishing and Polarity having so much similarity between the two as far as the melodic… id look for maybe a little bit back to more brutal along with the melodic… and you know, who knows? Whatever Matt decides to throw on the table. Hes inspired by so many different types of music.
DJN: As am I.
BR: Yeah, same here, same here… but im just a vocalist as far as music goes
DJN: your lyrics tell stories of transcendence, metaphysicality, and becoming one with nature. With Nihilist themes and advanced vocabulary. Where do you get your inspiration?
BR: Uhh…. I dunno i live in California, {chuckles}… I guess i get it from there, the earth you know?… and psychedelics… I mean look around its all like one big psychedelic trip…. i mean it stimulates my Psyche, so to me at least its one big trip.
DJN: Agreed… next question…. Since the incarceration of your former guitarist Mike Turner, Decrepit Birth has gone through seemingly endless line-up changes. Do you feel your current line-up will stick together for a while?
BR: I hope so… to me we have really great thing going right now. But the way life is sometimes, Life takes priority, so some of our past members have quit. You know, touring is pretty brutal you dont make any money and you live in a place thats expensive, and not everyones like me and chooses to live alternatively, and im nothing special you know, im just lazy, no better fuckin word.
DJN: Its all about dedication.
BR: Yeah so i hope they stick around.
DJN: I hope so man… two more questions…. We all have our favorite bands and we all like to dream about performing with said bands. If you could play any instrument or vocalize for any band what would it be? Id play the drums for Decrepit Birth… (spoken like a true fan boy)
BR: {chuckles} I would sing for Decrepit birth.
DJN: Good answer haha.
BR: Yeah, i dunno theres just too many bands i like… id like to learn to play the piano, id like to play most string instruments, im really into strings. im into classical, im into fusion.
DJN: Im a BTBAM fan so im right there with you.
BR: Hell yeah man… they’re good guys
DJN: Not To Mention they are amazing live. But i digress. Last question… What is your favorite food to eat when you are stoned? I like hommus and pretzel chips. {chuckle}
BR: Tacos Morenos.
DJN: Yeah? What is that Exactly?
BR: Its a really good mexican…. uhh tacorria not really a restaurant in Santa Cruz. Its simple….. really simple but stoner FOOOOOOOOD. Like pizza is stoner food, same type of thing but its like god damn this is not normal mexican food!
DJN: {chuckles} Ok! Well thank you for your time I really appreciate it…
BR: No problem man
DJN: And good look with your set ill be there in the front row.
BR: Right On.
They played a great set… very high energy…. very brutal…. very tight. And then there was Cattle Decapitation. If youve ever saw them live you dont even have to read any further… they never fuck up…….. ever. And they always play everything almost double speed…. And Last night was no exception…. My face hurt from it being melted off. I dont think i stopped head banging for more than five seconds to take a drink of my beer. Travis’ vocals were horrifying… i couldnt sleep all night…. and when i finally fell asleep at about 6am… i had nightmares… he is the devil. Im convinced…. but thats fine.