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11 thoughts on “Submit Shit

  1. Dude… Do everyone that “Plays metal” a favor…. GO FUCKING PLAY IT FAG! You are the John Madden of METAL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa


    WHY?: Madden and Doc Brown do the same thing. They talk, sit and really don’t do shit but critique the REAL MEN that do it…

    So once again, do us a favor Doc… Try it. You might be able to play! You never know till ya try.

    P.S. you are a flaming homosexual

  2. Well once again… “Madden of Metal” …. The kid who got picked last in sports…. go shred it DOC… oh thats right you cant… you can google search “gay porn” faster than kerry kings riffs… so I think i might be able to get where you are coming from DOC. Are you the Wizard of OZ? Come out from behind the curtain and tear it up! You should just build your own guitar and re-invent metal! You are so fucking METAL… i wish i knew how METAL was and should be. We all fucking hate you DOC! Grow some balls jew!

  3. -Google
    -Gay porn
    -Kerry King

    Your point is now irrelevant.

    • Exactly… just like YOU critiquing other bands. Got walk before you run. I know you want to be metal. We all know how bad you wish you could tear it up on stage. You can’t and it’s ok. Everyone around you IS willing to help. You just have to ask. It’s time to grow up DOC and we are all here for you. If you want a couple basic lessons I can help. That way you don’t have to be the guy thats girlfriend is sucking and fucking everyone that’s actually in a band. YA KNOW?

  4. The funny thing is, you’ve probably seen my band play several times over the past few years and you wouldn’t even have realized it. Care to make another illogical point?

  5. Who’s your band? Oh sorry I forgot its a “Big Gay AL” secret. You fucking faggots are so stupid. We play in this super faggy metal band but know one can know. Thats so metal. PLAY THE SHIT PUSSIES. FUCKING PLAY!!!! STOP BEING ON THE SIDELINES: MADDEN OF METAL!

  6. all of us are musicians in metal bands you fucking jackass…. the whole reason we started this was to try and protect our scene from parasites like yourself… do u realize u basically said the exact thing in three separate replies… way to be redundant… seems legit tho

  7. who ever made this website SUCKS. and does’nt know anything

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