Contact Us or Threaten Us

If you want to threaten us, hate on us, work with us, get a review or logo email us anytime! Justin- Founder and the Original Metal Doc Brown The Doc Himself


4 thoughts on “Contact Us or Threaten Us

  1. I’m going to kidnap you all and force feed you live baby seals. DEAL WIT IT

  2. I am a well known manager who has been FUCKED by Kunz…. I have a few stories to light this up. Whoever runs this site is free to call me or MANY others I know who have been left “homeless and hungry” by Kunz.

  3. Hey Erik, I’m really glad I found this site. My band won a contest to play up at the A2 and Kunz is running the stage we’re supposed to play on. He was supposed to pay us $500. I have had an instinctual feeling about this since the beginning. There was a snafu with the magazine we won the spot with (Rock Revolt Magazine), and then they apparently had it ironed out. Anyway, I do not think I want my band driving clear up to Michigan for this.

    The thing that blows my mind the MOST, is the fact that Jeff, the main promoter from the A2 is allowing Kunz to do it again on the 12th and 13th? What the hell?

    We planned a couple shows on the way up. It looks like we need to have a band meeting.

  4. I was the “official” A2 fest photog. I was there for about 20 hrs altogether. What would you like to know?

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