“Horrible Band of The Day: Hazardhead”

“Headliners don’t watch the opening bands”.

I’ll just leave that statement where it is for now. I’ll let you judge where it came from.

From what I’m told, these guys have a pretty strong affliction of “rock star” plaguing them at the forefront. I could comment about their sound, image, and presentation but that is strictly based on someone’s perception of what their tastes are. I will say this, though, from the way things appear here nobody in their right mind involved here should be demanding headlining slots. Oh, did I forget to mention that already? Yes, HH has been known to do that.

It’s completely absurd to me to think that people still act this way. We’ve all heard some sort of stories from back in the day about bands making outlandish requests simply because they are stars, right? News flash, Hazardhead. You aren’t rock stars.


None of us are. I’m not sure what rock you’ve been living on but the days where bands were once worshipped as gods is long gone, thankfully for a good reason. Who the hell do you think you are to be regarding yourselves as above anyone in this scene? Have you not noticed we’re all about doing the same fucking thing you are?

Now I’m not saying that a good band shouldn’t get what they deserve. When you put the time in earning and showing respect to your peers, sure you rightfully should get a few cookies for it. Hell, if you’re good and humble enough you just may impress some key people who can propel your band into an even bigger spotlight. Funny how that works, huh? Flat out, saying things like what I started this article off with it is a slap in the fucking face to people I know damn well put just as much work into their projects without having golden fucking vagina about it. Are you shitting baby-blue turds that hatch fucking swans, too? If not, guess what? You’re no fucking different than anyone else. Don’t like watching the opening bands you demanded to play over? Well, don’t go crying to daddy when they don’t give a shit about you.

Get the hairspray out of your ears, humble it up, and earn your respect just like the rest of us have to.

I’ve heard that there quite a few stories regarding this. Have one? Share it.

If people were expected to be given insane special privileges for being able to play a goddamn instrument, I’d have my own country by now.


5 thoughts on ““Horrible Band of The Day: Hazardhead”

  1. You’re fucking stupid

  2. this the first thing I ever read on here and I do declare, this planet could use a million more people like you! fuckin love this post!

  3. 1st off there are always two sides to a story. Right?

    2nd thing, learn how to set up a website because people can’t read your crap. The font color is the same as the background. Maybe that’s a good thing.

  4. I have played a show with these boys before, and they were awful. They really need to humble themselves a tad. We have been playing music for a long time around the metro detroit area, and have never run into such a case of blown up egos. These boys have not earned the right to any headlining positions and are delusional to think that headliners “dont watch opening bands”. You are not Motley Crue. You are not playing an arena. You are playing a bar. So be fucking nice.

  5. I don’t understand where this unwarranted arrogance comes from. They’re the absolute worst local band around. But pretend for a minute that Hazardhead was on par with a band as successful as, say, the Rolling Stones. They’d still come off as huge dicks every time they opened their mouths. Normally, I would never write a shitty comment on the internet about a bunch of kids doing what they love. But their lack of talent combined with their unbelievably exaggerated self-opinion gives me the license to hate them as both musicians and as people. But, as they say, life is a long lesson in humility. Hopefully these children will gain an atom of self-awareness with age.

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