“We Play Blackened Brutal Technical Buttcore”

Ah…genres. Those useful little labels we use to describe what happens when enough bands coincide with a certain sound. We use them as tools to help zero in on finding more of the kind of music we love, to broaden our horizons, and…to compare the size of our cocks?

Yes. Cocks. That’s exactly what I think of people who constantly start these senseless genre wars. I see them every single fucking time I want to check out various promotional Facebook pages, YouTube videos, at shows, at stores, and even on statuses when a band is merely mentioned as something a cat’s fart away from its aptly named genre.

Shut the fuck up. All of you.


The fuck.


What fucking difference does it make when these fucking arguments are brought up? What point are you trying to prove when you get all bent out of shape and screech “SACRILEGE!” every time someone says Meshuggah is a Djent band (on a side-note: Djent is pretty much a genre at this point. Suck it up like a big girl and deal with it). You seriously start a 97-reply thread with more of your kind throwing your dicks around like they aren’t all comparable to a baby dill.

Fucking assholes. All of you. Suck your ego up with a bendy straw, change your di-di, and get with the rest of the sensible world and let people figure this shit out on their own. 85% of the time bands leave themselves open to a number of different possibilities of classification, this is a good thing. They certainly don’t need you pounding your chest over your keyboard when somebody is the tiniest shred off in their interpretation of said band’s music. That’s what people use music for, to connect to in their own personal way. Everyone is exposed to different music at different times in their life, sometimes less than others. Just because someone does not possess the knowledge to know that Death’s influence is felt in massive loads of modern metal simply because they never had the opportunity to listen to them or were never told of them does not discredit them as fans. You people should be assisting these sheltered souls to find said bands to gain this knowledge and experience, not bashing them over the head with your egotistical ballsack.

You know what else they’ll gain? The good sense to not give a fuck so much about goddamn genres and just enjoy the music with people who can do the same.


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