“Arise The Titan”

I’m pretty sure at this point that Ohio is pissing a lot of people off to be producing this kind of curb-stomping metal.

Hailing from the middle of the armpit of Columbus, Arise The Titan is exactly what happens when you combine that feeling of wanting to go Super Saiyan on a small animal after spending an hour in a Wal-Mart with the self-respect of wanting to hear a solid, musically inclined band to provide the soundtrack to your Call of Duty campaign.

While not directly described as such, their music is essentially a grander form of deathcore. Before you get all up-the-butt about me saying so, I’m not talking about music that can’t stop a breakdown once it’s started. No, Arise The Titan is a different breed. With many artists in the genre sonically shitting the bed these days, these guys are giving them a reason to fill their loins in fear.

So what can Arise The Titan do for you? Well, for starters their ultra-intensified approach can clear every last stick of butter out of your arteries in a matter of 2 minutes of the first track off their newest release “Our Collective Destroyer”. If that chest-bursting attitude over the entire EP isn’t enough for you, they will neuter you. With any number of sledgehammers they can deliver. These aren’t your grandma’s breakdowns, either. These things are rarely boring and almost always leave your head bobbing as if you just went on a date with Jack The Ripper.

“What about me and my soft, supple eardrums?”

Well my boy, we’ve got plenty of knives for those. The guitar work laden throughout is enough to satisfy any flavor of metaller out there. Not only are they massive in tone, the melodies and ambiance is enough to send you running to the “repeat” button plenty of times over whatever other straight deathcore bands are limping to the barn with.

Whether you’re a fan of what I gather is called “brutal” or not, Arise The Titan should be A-Numero-Uno on your list to check out. If you’re in the mood to “Grand Theft Auto” on your town, get to one of their shows or better yet, get them in your venue. I just hope your insurance is up to date.


One thought on ““Arise The Titan”

  1. These guys are some real motherfuckers makin real motherfuckin metal , also they are some of the most humble guys ive had the chance to meet especially the drummer shane and the bassist chance

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