“36th Street Is Hood To The Core, Duh”

I don’t know how much more Dirty Duh Productions could live up to their name. It’s almost frightening.

If that’s the only name you can come up with, I can only imagine what would be in store for a show booked through them. Turns out, exactly as I imagined.

Come showtime Saturday night, the 36th Street Lounge, Dirty Duh Productions, and Hood Core all dropped the ball. Big time. Between a massive lack of communication, no sound system, from what I can tell hardly any promo, no pay, no drinks, and absent organizers, it looks one big pile of fuck for whatever band decided to stay for this garbage example of professionalism. Oh yea, that’s right. Only two did. Bravo for having the patience for such idiocy. One band decided to no-call/no-show that shit (Chip Fundy…wtf kind of name is that?). Eye Remain skedaddled before a single song was ever played. Shame on you both, get a tin can on a string if you can’t call ahead or get a pencil and paper if for some reason your mouthholes are too broken to tell anyone you’re ditching.

That’s two of the dumbest fucking things to do at a show I can think of. What’s the goddamn point of booking if you’re just going to completely bail or show up for 5 seconds and leave? If you wanted to waste your own time and gas, you should have just drove the van off a damn cliff for a while.

Hood Core, if your bands are on the bill at least have one person there to help out. Otherwise, they are just bands there on their own time and dime. Also, that name is just…ugh, nevermind.

As for DD and 36th Street, either stay out of the game or straighten the fuck up. Shit like what happened Saturday night is about the worst example of a Michigan metal scene at work and you should be entirely ashamed of yourselves for being too incompetent to know better. I could have had a better show in my bathroom from what I’m being told of the mockery you tried to pull off. Don’t have cash to pay the bands? Then don’t twist their nipples about it and tell them that up front. At least offer them a few beers! Oh wait, someone did until you went all McDuck and pulled that offer out of their hands. Real classy move there.

Better yet, if you don’t have a fucking sound system, then don’t have motherfucking shows! How hard is that to figure out?

My best idea yet. When you fuck up, don’t blame anyone but yourselves.

Then don’t repeat your mistakes.


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