“You’ve Probably Never Heard of It.” by Metal Doc Brown (Justin)

Let’s be honest, we’ve said a lot of shitty things here at MDB. You’ve all said some shitty things.

But you know what?

We don’t give a fuck. We’ve never sugar coated shit and we aren’t going to start anytime soon, so if we aren’t your flavor of Kool-Aid, keep shopping. I hear Jim Jones makes a killer batch of the stuff.

We aren’t bad people. Ask anyone who knows us, we really do care about the scene and try to make it to shows as often as we can. I just drove to Grand Rapids from Mt. Pleasant four separate times to judge the Heavyweights 2012 with no payment. I didn’t expect to paid, fuck, I didn’t want to get paid. I met a ton of cool-ass people and that’s worth it to me..I could have been trying to convince people to buy MDB shirts and make money off of them. You know what I was doing? I was plugging every band I could think of to everyone I talked to and tried to network, you know, what you guys should be doing but usually don’t do. Talking to people is THE BEST method of promotion you have and most of the time you’ll just stand around talking to each other about how you wish there were more people at your show

Bands, another thing I think you should look into, even though it sounds stupid: Business cards. Seriously, people hang on to those damn things and will file it away for a later date.  Plus, venues will know that you’re serious about your shit if you take the time to actually buy professional business cards. I’m not saying you WILL be serious if you buy them, I’m saying it will at least give you the appearance of seriousness. Yes, I did just advocate the use of business cards to try to fool people into booking you. Why?

Because it fucking works.

Article up.

Pants Down.



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