“Hilldale” by Marty McFly

I rarely write articles anymore so I figured it was time I bust out a new one. Today’s topic: GROWTH. Over the past year we have been consistently calling out, and grilling any band, or person who has tried fucking up our Michigan scene. We have been doing this in order to try to bring back the family that once was. In the last year here has been many arguments, lots of hatred, and hell even a few death threats but I am proud to say that our scene has grown exponentially.. More kids are coming to shows, more good tours are coming to our fine state, and many up and coming bands are actually putting in work to become successful. Yes there are still a few bands with egos, yes some kids are just fucking idiots and will never learn, but the majority has really starting to mature and it is something I really enjoy seeing. I am proud to see many bands in all different realms of metal starting to be recognized for the hard work. So for anyone hating on us for calling people out, and stirring the pot, remember we are being negative in order for the positive to come out!


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