Freak accident at Cosco!!!!

Is no one serious about music anymore? There isnt much proof otherwise. I feel like im one of few that actually feels the music in their heart while playing…. Yeah i have a band. Weve been back together for two years, but weve went through many guitarists and vocalists trying to find the right people…. but everytime we find the final piece to our complete lineup…. some sort of tragic event happens that keeps us from continuing playing with an older member…. I’m starting to think either my band is cursed, or there is no one out there in michigan talented enough to play our music that has sufficient gear as well… everyone we attract we have to support equipment wise and if not its really shitty gear… we deserve better… and no one can take that from us.
But no one remembers who we are…. its been so long that weve been erased from the scene… but if we had a lineup that was all as hungry as i am, ud better believe wed be on top… these are my oppinions, but the nature of the matter is this; i think i need to move to a different city at least.. i need to meet new people that may be able to comprehend my level of musical caliber. But I dont see how this could happening in the near future… so please…. is there anyone out there? Anyone that can meet my needs? Please come forth. Show yourself and lets do something that will change the metal scene forever.
My new year resolution is this; Make something happen for myself as a musician. Im a drummer looking for two guitarists, a bassist, and a vocalist with a burning passion to make amazing and creative music. The word of the day is hunger my friends. Are you hungry? Im starving. 2012 is our year. Send me an email listing the following.
1. Age and your Instrument of choice or vocals
2. Your influences
3. Gear
4. Experience in writing and on stage and how long you have been playing
5. Any questions you have for me
Send all inquiries to:


3 thoughts on “Freak accident at Cosco!!!!

  1. would probably help if you listed your city…. that’s like being starving, cooking dinner and realizing you broke your last plate against the wall

  2. Honestly, I feel the exact same way. I’ve had a band for over a year now and every single time we get a full lineup, shit falls apart for no reason. I feel like the only person who gives a damn about what we do. If only you didn’t live so far from me. I’m in Detroit.

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