“Saint Nicked” by Doc Brown

Well, tis the season.

To be brutally fucked over and left penniless.

Dont’ get me wrong, NS Studios does a GREAT job when it comes to the finished product. The only problem is getting the finished product.

I’ve had multiple complaints from numerous bands wanting me to call this studio out for awhile because of their lack of work ethic. When I say “their” I’m referring to the owner, Nick. When your name becomes a negative verb in the english language, maybe its time to just call it quits or actually do what bands pay you to do. I’m sure all of you have seen the term being “Nicked” floating around the interwebs over the last few months.

I’m not saying to not record at this studio. I’m not even saying they’re a bad studio. I’m saying that they need to fucking do their job or start giving bands their money back instead of trying to pocket it. When you start fucking over bands they talk to each other and tell everyone what has happened to them. I can tell you right now that if I was in a band, I wouldn’t be recording there just based on reputation alone.

Some bands have had to physically sit with Nick to make sure their work was being done. This is NOT how a business functions. They’ve heard every excuse in the book, from heart attack to loss of computer memory, and I’m telling you right now that there is no excuse for MONTHS in between recording and receiving the finished product. I’ve seen this guy record a song and 2 weeks later have the finished product out and playing online. It’s bullshit.

So, NS Studios, can we expect you to straighten up and get your work done or are we going to add you to the blacklist and tell everyone we know about what you’re doing?




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