The Great Scott Awards!

Doc Brown Presents: The Great Scott Awards

By docbrownmetal

Doc Brown Presents: The Great Scott Awards!
Bands, fans, promoters, managers listen up!
We here at Doc Brown are having an awards article for all of the bands in the Michigan-Ohio-Indiana area. The categories are as follows:

Best Band:                 Bury The Silence

Best Vocalist:          Clint Harkness from The Devastator

Best Guitarist:        Hiran Deraniyagala and Tony Asta from Battlecross

Best Bassist:             Don Slater from Battlecross

Best Drummer:      Mike Kreger from Battlecross and Cody McCoy from Winterus/Boreworm

Album of the Year:    “Push Pull Destroy”- Battlecross

Best New Act:            Last Seen Dead

Most Influential Band:       Bury The Silence

Horrible Band of the YEAR:      CEMETARY DESEKRATOR  and Dead-Like-Us                                      

and my personal favorite

Best City for Metal:       Lansing, Michigan


One thought on “The Great Scott Awards!

  1. Thank you sir! Much love!!! ❤

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