“NUT UP, AND GET IT DONE” by George Mcfly

It seems lately there has been less and less to complain about in this scene of ours. Though there’s still plenty of shit that pisses me off, and the first thing I’ll be ranting about mostly applies to all the new kids on the block, but it may point to some of you who have been in the scene a bit longer.
        As much as it pains me to say, most promoters just plain don’t do what their job title entails. Instead the norm is to get the bands to do all the work. All of that aside, good promoter or not, the band still has an obligation to promote a show to the best of their ability so that it can have a big turn out. The problem, however, is that there are a good number of bands out their who, for some reason beyond me, think they are entitled to a show with a big turnout of fans to see them, without putting all that much into it. Let me go ahead and burst a ton of peoples bubbles here: UNLESS YOU PUT THE WORK IN TO A SHOW (i.e. Ticket sales, Posting Fliers, online promotion, etc.) NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE A SHIT.
        I’ve found that most of the new bands out there jump onto big bills early, with bands that know how to promote, and just assume that the other bands will pull for them, thus they do nothing but bring maybe ten (10) people. Then they go and get pissed that they are up first/second and only have those ten people they brought there to watch them. If you want a good show, work for it. If you’re not willing to do the work, then quit now, and save us all the trouble. Oh, and here’s a little fact for you all: Posting shit on Facebook about your show is NOT doing a good job promoting. In fact, I’ve personally blocked a ton of bands from my newsfeed all because they have one member of the band sit at home all day and spam the shit out of peoples pages, and If I’ve blocked those posts, I bet a lot of other people have too. Though, as much as spamming like hell isn’t going to get people caring about your show, a link every other day on the Michigan Metal page isn’t going to bring 200 people to your show, no matter where you’re playing. Don’t get me wrong, Online promotion is a very powerful tool for bands, but its only a small part of the equation! You need to talk to people, plaster the town with so many fliers people can’t help but see it, and if your show has a pre-sale, sell those damned tickets!
        Lastly I feel I should touch on an issue that results partly from bands like this. I’ve witnessed this happen first hand, however I won’t as of now name any names. Don’t fucking blame the other bands who did put in the work, and brought fans to the show. No, they did not tell their fans not to watch you! You just didn’t put in enough effort to make yourself known to those people, so they come and see the other bands! Bands don’t have near the control over their fanbase, at least in the local scene, that all of these people accuse them of having. So when one band’s fans don’t watch you, don’t throw a little fit and accuse them of sabotaging your band, they’re not, you just didn’t do your part.
        Being in a band isn’t all fun and games people, be ready to work! I don’t care if your band sucks, or is the greatest thing to ever hit the scene! Do you God damn part, and make every show you play as big as it can be!
        To all the bands out there who are guilty of this, and always bitching and moaning, I’ll leave you with a warning. If I see this shit happen from this point on, I will start calling people out. So the moral of the story is: DO YOUR FUCKING PART!


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