“Don’t Be Too Hasty” By: Mr Strickland

Metalheads are some opinionated, judge-mental sons of bitches.  Nothing wrong with that.   There are however times when it can be to our detriment, especially at the local level.

When it comes to bands people tend to lose all objectivity and if a band doesn’t appeal to someone–for whatever reason–the reaction is quite often “they suck!”  We’re opinionated mother fuckers I get that.  But, before jumping right to “that band sucks a dead raccoon’s asshole!”  Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to make that reaction.  I’m very guilty of this myself but would like to change that and hopefully I can persuade some of you to do the same.

So when you’re at a show and see a band who’s music just isn’t doin it for you take a minute to actually examine what it is they are doing before going to get a drink or going out for a smoke, etc.  Try and understand whatever is they are doing to gain however many fans they have be it a little or a lot.  Even if it’s just to yourself.  There are plenty of bands and artists that I can’t stand and more often than not just say that they are terrible.  But when you really think about it there’s a lot of talent in a lot of bands that make what I consider shitty music.  Not only talent but super cool people.

So what does this have to do with us, the fans and musicians involved in underground music?  Don’t just write off a band because you aren’t into it right away.  Stay and watch a full set.  Talk to the guys and their fans you may find some new friends, fans or even future band mates!  This is especially true for the new and young bands that are just getting started.  I’ve seen plenty of SHITTY bands play their first, second or third show that then later when on to be fantastic.  Those of us in bands understand that when you’re just starting out, even if you are a talented musician playing with a group of other talented musicians that it can take time to get things ironed out and really find your sound and niche.  Don’t throw away potential friends, fun and future opportunities for networking and show trading just because you’re not into what they’re doing musically.  I’m not saying you have to go to every show they play, buy all their merch and never take their cd out of your player, but I know that I’m not the only one who has great friends that play music I can’t stand.  And of course there really are bands that are just bad.  And there are bands that are bad that are full of assholes.  So these suggestions aren’t always universal. Though I think you’ll find more often than not there’s some really cool people out there and some real potential in even bad bands.

I will end with a quick/cautionary but true story.  a decade ago I remember going with a friend’s band to a filthy little venue in a town I can remember.  There was probably 15 people there that weren’t in the bands and there was this one band that were sloppy, boring, unoriginal and totally lame and I thought to myself “wow, what a shit fest, these guys will go nowhere”  They were called The Black Dahlia Murder.

until next time slackers!


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