The Metal Doc Brown Blacklist

2 Soon 2 Quit Clothing and Promotions (Michigan): Fucked over several bands after making them sell tickets. Did not pay the guarantee of the bands that had them and lied to cover it up. Rude, unprofessional, and have no clue what they’re doing. Try to maintain a professional appearance but operate as amateurs. Roughly $600.00 is unaccounted for.

Carnival of Chaos (Michigan): Forced bands to sell tickets for their events, guaranteed them time slots before national acts only to cancel the national acts and not allow some of the bands to play. Did not pay Motograter for their performance. Hatebreed and Kittie both have called Carnival of Chaos out for their shady dealings.

Seth D Myers (Illinois): Has overbooked shows, failed to pay guarantees and all around has no clue what he’s doing. Promises headliners who don’t even show up.

The Next Big Thing Tour (National): We have an article about this group. They tell bands to sell a huge amount of tickets in exchange for a prize of only $500.00 or 16 hours of recording time. They have the bands foot the bill to make them money.

The Champ (Pennsylvania): Bans bands for playing at any competing venue.

Gorilla Productions (National): Forcing bands to sell a large amount of tickets, overbooking their shows, never giving anyone a prize when they actually win the battle of the bands that they put on.

Harpo’s Concert Theater(Michigan): Has bands sell large amounts of tickets with no payout, cut set times short after bands work their asses off to sell tickets, promise them main stage but set them up on a tiny stage in the back, not letting bands play at all after they sell tickets. Staff is rude and have damaged band’s equipment when they don’t move as fast as they’d like. (seen this with my own eyes.)

Metal For The Masses Blogsite (Massachusetts/National): Charges for a compilation CD that has no physical form, claims charges are to cover professional studios for “volume balancing” and for art design while using copyrighted artwork downloaded from the internet without the artists’ knowledge or consent,  constantly talks down to people who post questions, makes fun of bands with no money to pay their fees, openly posts pirated leaks of local and national releases without their knowledge or consent, highly unethical and should be approached with severe caution.

Club Loaded (Long Island, NY): Harpos’ brother from another mother. Large presales, no payout, set times cut, the same deal as Harpo’s.

Jaylin Ford (Vocalist from Michigan): Inexperienced, cocky, has a reputation for trash talking bands for no reason with some reports of physical threats, promotes and books his bands with little to no music to play, overbooks his band’s shows just to cancel at the last minute, spreads outright lies about his bands without their consent. Any band involved with Ford should be avoided at all costs.

Dead-Like-Us (Michigan): Former band of Jaylin Ford, continues to utilize an illegitimate amount of Facebook “likes” gained from spamming and “like”-adding sites to book shows with little-to-no usable material, wastes most of given set times standing around onstage not playing, cancels overbooked shows with no public warning, should be avoided by venues and bands alike.

NS Studios (Michigan): Illegitimate excuses for extremely long release delays extending to over 7 months, unreliable communication, tracks released missing key elements, legal actions threatened for releases to be made. Has worked with many local bands that all share identical troubling experiences.


4 thoughts on “The Metal Doc Brown Blacklist

  1. check out zb promotions and blackvenom promotions and how they use artists and not give them anything for there hard work they expect free and give nothng in return

  2. Thanks Doc!! Good to know what and who to avoid! This business is hard enough as it is without jackasses ripping off people who work too hard just to get their music heard.

  3. Pingback: nice one

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