“Broken Record, but Fuck It” by Douglas J Needles

Its been a while since my last blog. But its hard to find any inspiration in a stagnant scene.
With my collegues being harrassed for giving honest, relevant feedback. I can’t imagine what my comments may stir, but hey, obviously you motherfuckers love it, so fuck it.
First of all, just because you and a bunch of idiots think it would be cool to buy some musical equipment and play a mess of inaudible noise doesnt make you a metal band. Stick to smoke on the water and step aside, there is plenty of other bands just like you that make it hard enough to get noticed.
Secondly, if you’re going to play shitty music don’t get all butthurt that somebody doesn’t like it. And if everyone hates your music, that should be a sign that you should probably just quit.
Third, deathcore sucks and is no longer in demand, just knock it off already, please.
Im hardly even excited for my band to start booking shows again. Thanks for ruining it.


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