Interview with Bobby Burns of Primer 55 by MetalDocBrown

Primer 55 is a band that I listened to relentlessly in my younger years. I fucking loved The New Release, and to this day when I hear any of their songs I get pumped up. Thanks to the unbelievably useful tool that is Twitter, I managed to snag an interview with my childhood hero Bobby Burns.

MDB: You guys were a huge influence on me as a kid. I don’t think The New Release left my cd player. As a matter of fact, I had to buy another copy because the first one was permanently stuck in my car’s cd player. How do you think your sound has evolved since you first started Primer 55?

BB: THANKS! I evolve with ever song I write I think. If you asked me to write a song that sounded like it came from Introduction to Mayhem or The New Release I don’t think I could do it actually. I write something and move on. Lots of bands and songwriters write the same damn song over and over and over…. I guess thats why they’re rich and famous.

MDB: You guys had some line-up issues. Have you found a line-up that you are comfortable with now?

BB: I’m NEVER comfortable actually. People can come and go as they choose to do.. I wont stop you or beg you. If you dig the music you’ll stay I guess. Doesn’t matter to me. I’ll still be here. Im working on a few new projects including a solo record.

MDB: I’ve seen you’ve started a new venture with The South Life Style. What can you tell us about that?

BB: At home my mind races. I don’t want to sit around wondering what to do next when I’m home so I decided to make clothes! Tees, hats and sweats mostly…. It gives me an outlet other than music.. I make all the P55 merch as well as merch for Saint Dog (Kottonmouth Kings) ,The South Life Style originals etc, etc

MDB: You spent seven years with Soulfly. What was your experience with them like?

BB:7 years, 4 records…. Its sucked. No fun at all. Too many egos and attitudes to deal with on a daily basis.. Im not down with it.

MDB: Do you plan on hitting the road with Primer 55  anytime soon?

BB:Leaving tomorrow actually on the Grind Til Death tour . Primer 55, Danny Diablo, DGAF, the DRP and Cousin Cleetus.

MDB: Do you guys have any plans to record some new material?

BB:  I’ve written the whole record at this point. We’ll start recording the album in December up in Minneapolis MN. The album will be self titled with a spring release date. visit for all info.

MDB: Are there any bands or artists that you’ve been listening to that we should know about?

 BB: Bands? No… I don’t think so. I do love the new record from Dope D.O.D though.


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