Interview with Battlecross’ Mike Kreger by Doc Brown

I have known Battlecross for about 4 years now and I’m honored to call them my friends. I recently asked them if they’d be interested in doing an interview and being the cool dudes that they are, they agreed. So, after a brief exchange of  messages with drummer Mike Kreger, here is that interview:

MDB:First of all, congrats on Metal Blade! I know you guys worked your asses off to get where you are now. You’ve already announced your first tour with Full Blown Chaos and Rose Funeral, any idea what is coming up after that?

MIKE: Thanks for the kudo’s Doc. We are super stoked about our 1st tour, Finally we get to take this machine out on the road. As for 2012 we have all types of good stuff coming in the year to come. Huge stuff I cannot release!! All I can say is stay tuned to upcoming news in the months to come!

MDB:”Pursuit of Honor” seems to be everywhere I look lately. How do you feel now that the album has gained so many positive reviews?

Mike: It feels great, to push yourself and achieve peoples respect is priceless. Especially in the oversaturated scene. Theirs a lot of competition and I feel in due time we will really be accepted. Also if you haven’t yet picked up P.O.H do so and support the Mitten Metal.

MDB:You guys are still quite vocal in the local Michigan Metal scene and interact with bands just as much, if not more, than you did before you got signed. How do you manage to stay humble with all of the positive press you’ve gotten?

MIKE: This doesn’t in no way change who we are as individuals, we always will support the scene like it has supported us. I can honestly say I love our Michigan metal friends. We’re all in this together and the bond is unbreakable. I know how hard it is to get signed these days and us pushing through just lets EVERYONE know… You can do it!!!!

MDB: speaking of Michigan Metal, are there any bands in the scene that you feel are worth mentioning?

MIKE: First I wanna say Bury The Silence just lost their drummer, so if your hungry to tour and want to be in a band that will not stop until the goals of world dominace is under your belt. Hit them up and try out! I love BTS their a hard working group that remind me of us! I hope they find someone who just brings them to the next level. So to answer the question. Bury the Silence, 3 Parts Demon are another band that is just AMAZING, Shitlife, Infinite Design are fucking Great, Dwarf Corpse, Genocya, The Devastator, Dagon, Satarysis, Deadringer. All these bands are so worth to check out and support, all different genres of metal from the MITTEN!

MDB:Is there anything you want to say to the people who nay-sayed the band and told you that getting signed was a pipe dream?

MIKE: Oh yeah!!!! I told you mothafuckas we’d get here! Just so everyone is informed too: Being signed is harder work than getting to the level of being signed. There is much more demand in your personal life, quitting jobs, sacraficing relationships, going into debt, a lot of traveling for crumbs. You have to want this like nothing else. Also certain countries won’t let you in if you have felonies or Dui’s so make sure you check into that cause it will HINDER your goals of travel. all these things come into play as soon as you sign your name. The privelage to being signed is amazing, to go out and destroy the masses will be a fun yet trialing. We wanted this since we were kids. We all know the demand this has on our personal lives, but we want the world to know of Battlecross and how hard we worked to melt your face off! So with that being said…… LET’S ROLL!

Thanks Metal Doc Brown for the interview! Hope to see you soon!


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