“People Like This Disgust Me” by Doc Brown

This message was sent to a friend of mine who has a physical handicap from a MAJOR record label. 
“Dear Mr. X,

Unfortunately we here at [REMOVED] are unable to partake in a business relationship at this time. While we admit your musical ventures are filled with talent, originality and passion, we at [REMOVED] strive to bring fans full fledged products to dive into. This includes, but is not limited to: Full tours, merchandising, public appearances and more. While it may sound insensitive…, we feel the disability you present to us is a barrier that we will be unable to go around. Both in the logistic sense and marketing sense. We encourage you to continue playing music, at the same time we strongly advise against a career shift.

Someone in your personal situation would be better suited as a hobbyist and not a professional. The market needs and is built around perfection and imaging. I apologize for any emotional disturbance this may cause. We do thank you for your submission and wish you the best of luck.



This is ridiculous.
This label is owned by a company that EVERYONE on Earth knows about, especially kids.
That’s the perfect message we want to send to today’s youth: If anyone is different from the norm, they deserve to be cast aside.
Fucking Bullshit.

3 thoughts on ““People Like This Disgust Me” by Doc Brown

  1. So, basically, before you can get signed, you have to do everything that the label would help you with, without support. Ridiculous. Apparently talent, originality and passion just isn’t enough for labels to get behind. They don’t care about music anymore, they care about getting as much money as possible, as fast as possible. If they actually took the time to support a band that deserves it, they could make even more over time.

  2. Wow, that’s the most ignorant shit I’ve ever heard. That’s just like saying somebody’s race is a barrier to the band getting signed.

  3. @Tony Davis: But that’s how the formula works. No band “gets signed”; you have to show the major labels you are responsible enough on your own to carry on with their push later.

    @Metal Doc: As far as the handicap goes, I’ve never seen anyone with a physical handicap let it stop them from success. Rejection from a major company is perfect prime for willpower. The human spirit can overcome any adversity.

    I’ve witnessed physical handicap transform once shallow men into hardened warriors. And as local musicians we’ve each seen fellow local musicians with physical handicaps tear up the stage. It reminds me, if the challenge came, I have the same resolve and commitment to my art regardless of adversity. If that guy can do it blind – if that guy can do it without a hand – if that guy can do it without a leg, I would do the same.

    And to hell with the corporation who would sweep me under the rug.

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