“You Don’t Get An Opinion” by Marty McFly


As I was talking with a fellow local musician today I had an epiphany. We all have been wondering as of late why people don’t go to shows anymore.

Seriously as of the past year maybe 50 people attend a show on average unless its some festival. At first we all(including myself) were putting the blame on the fact that there are too many shitty bands. This is not the case.(Although I still believe a lot of you idiots need to step up or step out)

Everyone’s next guess: blame it on shitty promotion…. This is the case for some but not all….. BUT NOW, WHILE YOU ARE READING…. THE REAL ANSWER IS BECAUSE YOU LAZY FUCKING KIDS JUST SIMPLY DON’T GO TO SHOWS. You are too busy acting cool but when it is time for you to actually show some love you are a no-show.

Then what you do is bitch about bands like you know what you are talking about, but in reality you DO NOT and SHOULD NOT have a right to pass any judgement. Come to a show and maybe then your opinion will start to matter to me.


One thought on ““You Don’t Get An Opinion” by Marty McFly

  1. I agree. And disagree.

    I disagree regarding priority. The first thing will be performers. If the local bands do nothing to grab attention, with originality and artistic integrity, no one will care. Too often have I been to a venue/bar/club and passed up great bands with nothing innovative. I can’t name them here. Usually an evenings roster includes local bands described by myself as:

    1st band – PANTERA clone
    2nd band – ALL THAT REMAINS clone
    3rd band – LAMB OF GOD clone
    4th band – BRING ME THE HORIZON clone


    They are great local musicians – but they are not artists.

    And,again, I agree promotion is non-existent. Local acts do not get promotion. But the solution is foremost within the above priority of performers. There is nothing to promote if the music is unoriginal.

    Therefore, there is no reason to leave my home on Friday or Saturday night until the next national act performs at a large venue. Most fans would assure themselves that although the local act did great ‘that one night’, the local act compares to their favorite national band. To put it more directly, why go see a band that ‘sounds like CANNIBAL CORPSE’ when I could just go see CANNIBAL CORPSE.

    When I mentioned artistic integrity, it’s very hard to find local bands that have staying power. They lose momentum; they lose members; they lose focus; they issue poor production CD releases, and ultimately end up as once-was has-beens. I can name bands I once-was and have-been in, as many local and national musicians will admit. And they will also admit they lost a majority of their audience for the same ‘losing’ reasons here.

    If bands falter their integrity, they will not bring music fans.

    Something magical happens when a local act delivers artistry, promotion, and integrity…

    They go national.

    Thanks for reading. :]

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