“Stupid is as Stupid Does” by Doc Brown

Well, it seems we have some people thinking that Doc Brown is just a random dude who talks shit to anyone and everyone he can and brings the scene down.

Allow me to explain something to you fucking jackasses:

I grew up in this scene. I’ve put blood, sweat and tears into this without receiving anything in return. To say that I don’t care is ignorant. If I didn’t care I wouldn’t be calling out bands, taking on venues, promoting bands, or trying to put together some shows/awards.

Everyone has their own opinion of Doc Brown and the “Legion of Doom” – my writers- but you can’t say that we don’t care about what’s happening in the world of Metal.

As you can expect, we receive hate mail daily, death threats every now and then, but occasionally we receive a thank you here and there. All of those things let us know that we’re doing our job right.

In case you guys forgot, we DO NOT make money from this. We are just as broke as you are. What exactly have you done to raise any awareness about the scene, besides promoting your shitty band and ONLY your shitty band? I’m sure as soon as we point this out we’ll see a lot more bands tagging other bands. That’s all good and dandy but let’s be serious, you’re only doing it because you know we’ll either call you out or not promote your band.

It’s funny to see some of the bands who sent us death threats and hate mail now trying to get us to post shows for them, help get them shows, or say something positive about them at all. Sorry, fuckers, you burned that bridge by acting like a jackass over some criticisms.

Of course, there are people who have stuck by my side from the very beginning, and I’m extremely grateful to each and everyone one of them.

Lately I’ve been having less and less to write about. I’m not complaining because it means that you people are finally aware of how stupid you’ve been acting. I hope that the improvements keep coming. Whether we helped make a difference or not, I’ve enjoyed every second of being Metal Doc Brown. Cliche moment: “With great power comes great responsibility.” Well, I’m positive that quote is no longer true. (ex: See BP Oil Spill, Goldman Sachs) I CAN tell you a quote that is true though, “With anonymity comes great power.”

Everyone assumes that Doc Brown is one person and technically they would be right. I AM one person, but I provide a voice for everyone in this scene. I say what they don’t have the ability or the guts to say.

I’m done playing nice with people. If you want to fuck up this scene, you’re going to have to come through me and when you don’t know who you’re fighting, I tend to have a massive fucking advantage.


3 thoughts on ““Stupid is as Stupid Does” by Doc Brown

  1. Death threats! Really?!?!? That’s is fucking stupid. I’m not saying I agree with everything you say (duh I’m a metal head not a sheep) but seriously not worth a death threat.

  2. that very first statement… people wouldn’t assume that if it didn’t come from somewhere real.

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