“You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons!” by Mad Dog Tannen

I really wish I was in New York. Really. I very much wish I was in New York in the middle of what needed to happen in 2000.

Why am I saying this? Well, it’s a very core part of me to see things on both sides and in the years since the 2000 presidential elections, things have been very much cocked to a bad side. That’s right, kids. I said “cock”.

To actually point out why I’m proclaiming this, I am actually very surprised to notice a train of thought I didn’t think I’d see. Politics don’t belong in metal? Um…I’m not sure how to react to being told that. Maybe it’s just me, but getting pissed off at the rest of the world and telling them as angrily as you can kind of seems like a pretty fucking good inspiration to get some metal going. It’s obviously been a telling part of metal’s history; “War Pigs” about Vietnam, Death’s entire “Spriritual Healing” album, pretty much anything Sepultura, Megadeth, or Lamb of God has ever done!

I really don’t see where this rhetoric can latch into someone’s mind. Besides gore, death, and monsters what the fuck else are metal bands going to be about? Girls? Um….

So I simply pose this. What are your opinions on political statements in metal? Give me an example. I really would love nothing more than to squash this idiocracy where it stands.

On a side note, anyone noticed the backwards ‘Oprah’ finally bringing in decent bands to play? There’s Chimaira, the Thrash and Burn Tour, and Born of Osiris/Veil of Maya rolling through. Of course, local openers are sought for each. Have any of you forgot about how fucked this venue can be? Do what you want, but I know damn well I’ll be letting every band looking to do these shows what kind of mess they can probably look forward to. Probably the national acts as well. We need diverse, respectful, and modest venues in the Detroit area, not ones tucked away in the ghetto with slimey promoters and bookers who force a faulty “pre sale ticket” policy that hardly any local band can meet, let alone get respect when such stipulations are met. My balls are out on this one.


5 thoughts on ““You Make Me Touch Your Hands For Stupid Reasons!” by Mad Dog Tannen

  1. What I’ve generally gathered, is if someone says that they don’t think there should be politics in metal, they mean they don’t think left-leaning viewpoints should belong in metal. I’ve seen and heard so many metal heads piss and moan about the viewpoints of some crust band, but then say “What’s the big deal?” when the viewpoints of some N.S.B.M. band come into question. To me a lot of metal heads (and don’t mistake this for me saying “all metal heads”) come across as sheep that act like it’s not cool to have a conscience about anything.

  2. Shit… this is going to be a long one….
    Music and politics… lol I feel like I should write my name and school hour as this may come off as a book report of sorts…. Truth be told music has been used as a form of a collective outlet for years… ways for musicians to “vent” about anything they wanted to. Wife issues, drinking, drugs, protests, death – what have you…
    Politically speaking – you can look at the 60’s if not further as there are some old skool country artists I believe who were out before singing about their own concerns. Protests, Rock music, flower children, hippie communes… Shortly thereafter – U.K. Punk came out against their government issues… Metal followed then rap… Everyone has something to say, it’s just the form of medium the artist uses. Paint brush, tattoo gun, pencil, guitar… They used music as a way to vent and share their story and their fans followed in line with their message in agreement.
    I for one, highly enjoy music with a message – most positive and enlightening. And just because one cannot audibly make out word for word in a metal song and it sounds harsh or hateful – it’s really not. Oh they may be angry – angry about how we as a whole are treated as human fucking beings but it doesn’t mean their message is not a positive one…
    Here’s a list of well known bands that are or have songs that have political influences.
    Ministry, Fear Factory, Megadeath, Dying Fetus, Rage Against The Machine, Sex Pistols, System Of A Down, Ed Gein, The Agonist, Otep, Nevermore, Dead Kennedys, Katatonia, Bad Religion, Machinehead – the list goes ON and ON…
    By the way – they don’t call OUR generation the “Revolutionary Generation” for nothing. Just an fyi~ lol Why would you be surprised? I think our generation was practically breed to be aware and motivate and stand up for what you believe to the fullest extent possible.
    As for OPRAH holding the shows – not one single fuck shall be had…. But any of those bands who were essentially ripped off and screwed in line with their broken promise of saying they had a package they didn’t and if they DID sell all their presales for Atticus they could be on (cough)summer slaughter(cough) THE BANDS WHO HAVEN’T PLAYED THEIR SLOT THAT IS OWED NEEDS TO CASH IN AND CALL THEM ASAP since he said they could for free….

  3. He isn’t going to pay up, that’s a given. A huge given. I’m pushing towards letting all future bands unknowingly trying to play there of the bullshit they are getting themselves into. A few will slip through, but I personally want to take that fucker down at the knees for STILL going on with the shady dealings. We don’t need that venue and it isn’t a paid “privilege” to get to play there. Who the fuck wants to drive into the ghetto to play at a venue with zero climate control, let alone be possibly squeezed onto that joke they call a stage in the back? We need to collectively let that fucker know that this scene will not coddle being taken for granted and that any national coming through has a multitude of much better venues to choose from.

    • I completely agree. Oh but his rule number one is all locals lie.I told him thats NOT true that if he actually worked out some of the ideas I had (higher payment, less presale amounts, free shows if all were sold, LEGIT times, most importantly APPRECIATION) he would have a better turn out for a lot of the shows. For a while there, he was letting acts sell really low amounts but started to pack on a million acts local acts….. Oh but “everythings changed now” – nice lie….

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