“You Can Kill Him On Monday” by Mad Dog Tannen

Breaks are long. Boring, redundant, and stifling. At least, that’s what it’s been on this end. As soon as a ball gets rolling, there’s always some dildo with a spikestrip to come throw on your path. I think it’s time to hit that guy with his own strip and come out of this collective funk we’ve been all having. It’s been hot, a lot has been going on, and as the summer is winding down we find ourselves wondering what the next few months will bring as everyone clamors for that last breath of underage girls in string bikinis all throughout the state. Dammit I just wrote that…


All unlabeled conversion van driving aside, let’s get down to business. What has changed? Has anyone noticed anything good coming out of our long deserved outspoken voices over the past few months? I’d like to hear them. I myself have been unfortunately a bit removed from the scene as of late due to, I don’t know, life. So I’d like to hear some stories, be it good or bad.Carnival of Chaos was already covered, but damn that was some mismanagement. Way to miss out on what virtually all of us have been griping about and dick some people over anyway. Bravo. That takes balls. Or a slow ape.


What’s really been bothering me is the psychology happening amongst people that I’ve been privy to over the past several years being in bands, helping with shows, promoting, or just being a fan. There seems to be this collective discharge of, dare I say, utter lack of intelligence and an unwilling notion to accept change or indifference. That sounds like a cognitive based sentence right? For a legion of people who cry brotherhood, why all the discourse? Especially now, considering how many more genres have spawned ie; Deathcore, post hardcore, djent, blackened death, you’d think that metal fans would be tickled black to have such a diverse amount of music that just gets heavier, more technical, and plain out hits you upside the kneecap.


Alas, I don’t see this. I see a barrage of the same tired shit being spewed constantly. “What’s hurting our scene?”








Dubstep? You fucking kidding me? What does MIDI controlled modified LFO waves in an envelope filter put to drums as an aversion to house and techno have anything to do with metal? That’s just bashing for the sake of bashing.



I will say it right now, I like all three of those. It may make me seem biased, but I don’t care. I like it. They all push bounds and just go with it. They all come from feeling, which is what music is supposed to be inspired from. To wholly disenfranchise an entire genre of music based purely on the fact that it is not what you like to hear just seems horribly ignorant and a bit selfish to me. Stop listening to what your friends have to say and listen to what you like regardless of if it’s popular or not, and if it’s not don’t jump on the Dickbutt Express and bash an entire genre over it.


Holy shit. That’s how metal gained fans in its early days. Imagine that.


Even more hypocritical is when people bash genres, especially deathcore, upon what they perceive their fanbase to be. This happens so much it’s un fucking fathomable. Is that kid with the 80s hair, ball hugging capris, and an Oceano shirt any distraction to the music being played especially in your own privacy? No, and it shouldn’t be regardless unless that kid decides to drop trau and dump on your iPod every morning while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Some of you are more shallow than a high school cheerleader huffing her hairspray for lunch! Get over what people look like already! Despite what some baby-boomers would have you believe, it doesn’t matter how odd someone might look. It may be entertaining at times, but just leave it at that.


The point of it is really, is that music is music and I am seeing more and more how we are reflecting our MTV counterparts from an alternate universe and making it less and less about music and more about a popularity race or a high school dance. To me, metal as always been about healthily venting anger or dissatisfaction while retaining the ability to rise above that which holds you back as a person. Most importantly, it’s about enjoying something beyond any parameters set by the rest of our dirty fucked up world and letting go.



2 thoughts on ““You Can Kill Him On Monday” by Mad Dog Tannen

  1. People hate what they fear – and fear what they don’t understand.

    They don’t understand Grind.
    They don’t understand Death Metal.
    They don’t understand Thrash.
    They don’t understand Power Metal.
    They don’t understand Black Metal.
    They don’t understand Gore Metal.


    I always compare music preferences to film preferences; some people like Comedy movies, some people like Thrillers, and some folks like Horror films. But, again, you have people admit they only like “Stoner” comedies, some people only like “Detective” thrillers, and some folks digress and prefer only “Slasher” horror…

    And the same for music…

    Some folks like Metal, as other folks like only “Power” Metal.

    They don’t understand “everything else” because it doesn’t appeal to them.

    Sarcasm is a defensive mechanism for those who have been hurt by others in the past. It’s a “get them before they get me” behavior. They learn to attack first (preemptive) hoping to dissuade possibility of slander towards themselves, or in this case, what they like.

    What we like says a lot about who we are. We fill our environment with things we favor to say more about ourselves personally. The guy wearing a NAPALM DEATH shirt, really likes NAPALM DEATH. As soon as he is faced with the comment “NAPALM DEATH is horrible…” he will get defensive. And, it’s possible, after years of these sort of comments, he develops a jeering, overcritical and sarcastic defensive mechanism towards everything that holds no appeal for him…

    Like OCEANO. Or BLACK EYED PEAS. Or whoever.

    It’s difficult in our culture to say “I really enjoy Comedy films…” without filling in a reference for clarity – “I really enjoy Adam Sandler comedy films…”

    In our culture, if you’re vague you seem indecisive and distrustful. People want to know your favorite films, TV shows, bands, or what you want on your pizza. It’s how we relate and connect with one another – “I can trust this person because we both like vegetarian pizza…”.

    But what if you adapt your perception, or train your mindset to think “This person likes something different. I can learn from them, and I can learn ABOUT them…”?

    I can learn tons about someone from their DVD collection, and their CD collection – It’s stuff will fill our environment with that says something about ourselves.

    Before you label, or bash, or discredit, or attack someone else and their preferences for film and music – learn something from them, and you’ll learn about them.

  2. Brilliant reply Darrol! The mind is in its best form, when it’s open with blank pages. You never know what you may find out from something different.

    Example: I was able to write an entire slamming song after listening to a Regina Spektor track. Regina fucking Spektor. You just never know…

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