“We All Have to Grow The Fuck Up!”

Since when did religion become a deciding factor for whether or not you like a band?

It’s a fucking joke, people. Religious preference has nothing to do with music. Nothing. Stop using religion as a weapon you narrow-minded fucks.

I have never once listened to a band and then thought, “This band is just a bunch of fucking Republicans, I won’t listen to them!” Have you? Didn’t think so.

 Politics and Religion are topics that can be covered in music, that is for sure. Not liking a band based purely on whether or not they share the same beliefs as you is completely ridiculous. I, for example, am a God-Free Liberal. I enjoy plenty of bands that have a Christian foundation. (Zao, Haste the Day, For Today, etc.) I also enjoy Ted Nugent, who is a HUGE Republican.

If a band has a solid sound and can actually play their instruments, who gives a fuck whether or not they care about an invisible man in the sky. (Go ahead and try to deny it. Invisibible man in the sky describes nearly all religions.)

If your religion defines your life so much that you have to limit what you are listening to, I’d highly consider switching religions. There is a difference between having faith and being completely ignorant to the world around you.  (It may be a fine fucking line for some people.)

Ignorance is what causes seperation in our scene. We NEED to stop this stupid shit. Who gives a fuck whether someone is religious or not? Who cares what each other’s political beliefs are?

There are many things I fucking hate in this world, believe me, but the thing I hate most is when people are too ignorant to have an open mind and actually experience something out of their comfort zones. Grow the fuck up people. Metal does not have boundaries when it comes to belief systems.


3 thoughts on ““We All Have to Grow The Fuck Up!”

  1. I agree, and to expound further:

    The following is a partial list of religions and spiritual traditions, per Wikipedia article. There is a very high probability your favorite musician, athlete, actor + actress, and pizza chef each attribute themselves to one of these faith paths…

    Get tolerant – or get educated.

    1 Abrahamic religions
    1.1 Bábism
    1.2 Bahá’í Faith
    1.3 Christianity
    1.3.1 Catholicism
    1.3.2 Protestantism
    1.3.3 Other groups
    1.4 Gnosticism
    1.5 Islam
    1.6 Judaism
    1.7 Rastafari movement
    1.8 Mandaeans and Sabians
    1.9 Samaritanism
    1.10 Unitarian Universalism
    2 Indian religions
    2.1 Ayyavazhi
    2.2 Bhakti Movement
    2.3 Buddhism
    2.4 Din-i-Ilahi
    2.5 Hinduism
    2.6 Jainism
    2.7 Sikhism
    3 Iranian religions
    3.1 Manichaeism
    3.2 Mazdakism
    3.3 Yazdânism
    3.4 Zoroastrianism
    3.5 Mithraism
    4 East Asian religions
    4.1 Confucianism
    4.2 Shinto
    4.3 Taoism
    4.4 Other
    5 African diasporic religions
    6 Indigenous traditional religions
    6.1 African
    6.2 American
    6.3 Eurasian
    6.4 Oceania/Pacific
    6.4.1 Cargo cults
    7 Historical polytheism
    7.1 Ancient Near Eastern
    7.2 Indo-European
    7.3 Hellenistic
    8 Neopaganism
    9 New Age, esotericism, mysticism
    9.1 New Age
    9.2 Esotericism and mysticism
    9.3 Occult and magical
    9.4 Left-Hand Path
    10 New religious movements
    10.1 Creativity
    10.2 Shinshukyo
    11 Fictional religions
    12 Parody or mock religions

  2. Sooo, if a band has neo-nazi elements, but sound sick as fuck, I’m ignorant for not liking the band?

    • We live in America and have freedom of speech. If they aren’t curb stomping people or setting them on fire then the only thing they are doing is making themselves look like asses. I didn’t say you have to agree with the message, I’m just saying give their music a chance before completely ruling them out. I HAVE (by a very big fucking accident) seen a Nazi band called Total War , and they were actually quite nice, aside from the hating an entire race of people thing.

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