“He’d Rip Through Us Like We Were Tin Foil.” by Doc Brown

Everyone sees me as the guy who randomly berates and demoralizes bands. I have no problem with people thinking I’m an asshole, but I’m certainly not JUST an asshole who attacks bands. The people who started reading my posts before I started the Horrible Band of the Day section may remember how much I put into each article and how powerful those articles could be.

Lately, I’ve been half-assing my articles just to get something out for you hyenas to read. After reading Mad Dog Tannen’s last article however, I’ve decided that I need to get back to why I started this whole movement to begin with.

So, if you see me taking breaks and not posting that often, send me topics to write about. If you have any tips or info regarding the metal scene please e-mail me or any of the other writers. Otherwise, sit back, relax and wait for a genuinely good article instead of the recently half-assed attempts.


We are looking for the following people to work with:

Apparel Printers


Recording Studios

Booking Agents

Record Labels


Graphic Designers

Feel free to contact us at DocBrownMetal@Gmail.com for more details.


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