Donations for Doc Brown Presents: Bringing The Family Back Festival

Well, as you may have seen on the Facebook page, I’m attempting to put together a huge metal festival for us here in Michigan. (Seriously, DirtFest was a sad, sad line-up, and Carnival Of Chaos was the biggest joke ever.)

I have set up a PayPal to accept donations for the festival. I’m hoping to have Michigan Metalheads actually put their money where their mouth is and actually do something constructive. We’re going to need a decent chunk of change, so if you are a company that could help us out, please e-mail us!!

We are hoping to have some big nationals on the show, as well as quite a few locals. Think DirtFest circa 2006.

If you want to make a donation via PayPal the E-mail address is

Disclaimer: Donations are non-refundable. In the event of lack of full funding for the event all donations will be used to purchase t-shirts, which would be sold to fund more local shows in Michigan and better the metal scene. Donations will not be used for personal expenses.


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