“You’re Doing it Wrong!” By Principal Strickland

Went to a pretty killer show in Lansing tonight (9/3/11) at Blackened Moon.  It was a good time had by all, save for one thing. Anyone who has been attending shows for a bit is used to a band’s front man calling for the people to come up to the front of the stage, head bang,mosh, etc.  Some guys are a little more, shall we say, boisterous when addressing the audience and being referred to by a singer as “mother fuckers” is no big deal 90% of the time because it’s all in good fun and we as audience members understand this.  And those of us in bands understand this as well as it’s much more fun playing a show when people are standing up and getting down with ya or at the very least paying attention.

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about doing this.  I’m sure we’ve all seen it done the wrong way at least once or twice where they just go to far.  Tonight that band was I Made a Monster and it was the worst example I’ve seen of this behavior in a longtime.  Now I should stress before getting into the details that it was not the entire band that I’m calling out here and I don’t know how culpable they are.  The band has two singers and it was just one.

So let me set the scene.  The band is setting up and starting to do some sound checks so most of the audience was sitting down, having a smoke, conversing or dickin around on their phones.  I happened to be doing all three at the time and was planning on going up to the stage to check them out once sound checks were finished and they started their set.  So this is when the singer starts the usual “hey come up to the stage” business.  No big deal, but as they’re still setting up no one (except for the people they brought with them) gets up and starts walking to the stage.  This is where things take a turn for the worse and the singer starts berating the audience first by insinuating that those of us on our phones are texting people about Justin Bieber (last year called it wants it’s joke back) in a “gay” voice and saying how “fucking lame that is to go to a metal show and fucking text, you paid money and all you do is text blah blah”  While slightly off-putting it’s still not that big of a deal and let me remind you that they are still doing their fucking sound checks and switching out a mic cable.  So then when people still don’t move he started calling everyone in the room “faggots” and a host of other things.  So naturally everyone went to the front of the stage and became their newest fans right??  WRONG.  Pretty much everybody that was not already up there retreated to the back room area for the duration of their set.  Where we could still hear the singer hurling insults at everybody between songs.

I’m willing to give every single new band I encounter at ashow a chance and will watch at the very least a couple of songs before passing judgment.  I didn’t watch one second of this band’s set.  Not one.  So maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy for obtaining new fans.  Why the fuck do you think insulting every member of the audience will make them want to watch your set?  What kind of mentality is this?  Do you thinkyou’re going to somehow embarrass us into coming up there and watching because you “really got us good” and you’re such a badass?  Am I supposed to go watch you fucking sound check and switchout mic cables?  Fuck no.

And fuck you.


3 thoughts on ““You’re Doing it Wrong!” By Principal Strickland

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a singer in a local metal band and personally I don’t ever mention anything about the crowd’s participation while onstage. To me demanding that the crowd mosh or move more seems like a boyfriend demanding more blowjobs. If she really liked your dick that much I’m sure she would suck the shit out of it.

  2. I know those guys, i know jared can be a dick sometimes, but their a hard working band and they were on the fence about doing the moon show cus it meant they’d be doing two shows that day. plus its annoying even as an audience member when people don’t seem interested in the band. so i get why he’d be pissed

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