“You Guys Need to Do Your Duty, Too.” By Doc Brown

Stop laughing because I said duty. Children.

(I laughed when I wrote it.)

My keen sense of observation has brought to my attention that although there are nearly 250 people who like my page, not including most of the bands and other “pages” that don’t register as fans, only a handful of people participate. Well, cut that shit out. I want your voices to be heard. I want to interact with all of you.

Keep in mind, I may be an asshole, but I’m a fair asshole who usually makes fun of people because they deserve it or because I consider them my friend. (Example: Josh Hibbs πŸ˜‰ Love you buddy!)

If you guys have a legitimate topic you want me to cover or a band you want me to listen to, fucking tell me. It could be a horrible band of the day, or just a band you want me to check out. (Still might end up being horrible band of the day.)

If you remember way back, you know, six fucking months ago, you’ll remember that I’m the one who said we need to bring the FAMILY back into Michigan Metal. (I have the articles saved to prove it.)

Families argue and fight, but we’ll all stick together. So stop sitting on the fucking sidelines. Open your mouths, talk about shit you see going on, email me, send me fucking smoke signals, I don’t care. You all bitch about the scene just as much, if not more than I do, but all the weight falls on my shoulders to call people out. Lets actually fucking change everything we hate, and accept the things we can’t change. (Hardcore Dancing is not going anywhere. Face it, guys.)

If you’re with me, repost this shit. NOW.




One thought on ““You Guys Need to Do Your Duty, Too.” By Doc Brown

  1. The first time I really saw the hardcore dancing (in person) was at a BDM show (at Knights of Columbus maybe?) about 8 years ago. This kid was probably 15 and a whopping 180lbs, arms swinging, jumping up and down, trying to act tough I guess. I was like “What the hell is this kid doing? Is he on drugs?” He kept running into me and swinging his fists like an overgrown toddler, like some kind of karate ballerina degenerate. The experience was extremely annoying. Since then I never understood it but when I see people doing it I always think of that kid πŸ˜‰

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