“Horrible Band of the Day Returns” by Doc Brown

Well after some inspiration from Principal Strickland, and speaking to numerous others who attended the show at the Blackened Moon last night, I want to thank I Made A Monster for giving me a reason to bring back the Horrible Band of the Day section that everyone loves to hate.

Well, let’s see shall we?

Disrespecting the venue. Check

Disrespecting the audience. Check

Disrespecting the other bands. Check.

Having a huge fucking ego. Check.

If I remember right, these guys were already warned once before not to pull this shit again because they had in the past. (Waiting for confirmation on this bit)

Its amazing the amount of damage that ONE member of your band can do, guys. I strongly suggest discussing his future in the band before he has the rest of the scene as pissed off at you as the people were at The Blackened Moon last night.


17 thoughts on ““Horrible Band of the Day Returns” by Doc Brown

  1. Jared- Singer for I Made A Monster.
    OK. first off who are you and who do you think you are? secondly, the only thing i see everyone doing in this so called metal scene is crying and whining about our show saturday, if you wanna hate me thats fine im gonna go to sleep feeling the same way i did before reading this JARGON of crap you call a blog. thirdly, DISRESPECTING the venue!? Are you out of you fucking mind? We practice there and know the owner personally. SO HA! Disrespecting the crowd?! YOU ARE AT A METAL SHOW! Deathcore even! WOW! I wanna apologize to anyone I offended but we did it as a joke to us because deathcore is not our style of music, we wanted to “fit in” to the show we were about to play soo we all decided that it would be a great idea to completely uncensore ourselves and scream all the lyrics instead of singing them. But thats besides the point. We were NEVER told before this. This was out of the blue. We are very professional and love playing music. Ask ANYONE whos seen us prior, we actually JUST played a show right before then at the loft in lansing, and as for having a huge ego? Are you kidding me? What singer doesnt? I can name like 55 of the top of my head. Im not tryin to justify what happened that night or anything, all i can say is my bad. but if you or anyone is gonna be in the metal scene and be a pussy, im sure pop or emo acoustic music has an opening. Your blogging and your following is giving metal a bad name. jus sayin. I MISS G.G. Alan. rip buddy. 😉

    • First of all, its G.G. Allin, so obviously you’re not THAT big of a fan. My blogging and following are not giving metal a bad name, its people like you who are giving us a bad name. Who am I isn’t nearly as important as what the fuck I stand for and represent. Yeah, I get that you practice at the Blackened Moon, but I also happened to know the promoter of that show and he sure as hell was not pleased with the bullshit you guys pulled the other night. As far as doing that shit to “fit in,” how many other bands got on stage and called people faggots? If you’re so worried about fitting in maybe you’re not cut out to be a band. I know plenty of vocalists who do not have an ego problem, so stop making excuses because you have a fucking problem controlling your self-worth. We aren’t crying and whining about the shit you guys did on saturday, we’re fucking pissed. Grow up, because you’re a fucking joke.

  2. I’ve played quite a few shows with these guys and even chilled with them a few times, and I know they are awesome dudes. xD
    Is this what you do? Criticize bands for the negative? Try looking at the positive aspects of a performance… then maybe your article will be worth my time.

    • Anyone who calls an entire venue faggots doesn’t deserve to play shows. Fact.

      • Sounds like every real metal show ever.
        So real metal is bad?

      • Oh, and my original post… it wasn’t meant solely to defend these guys… it was meant to make you realize you’re going about what you’re doing in a very immature manner. If you have a problem with a band let them know. Also, I’m sick of the negativity. Show some respect… and if you have none for the band, don’t write about the band. If you didn’t like their performance why don’t you write about what the other bands did right, instead of what this band did wrong.

  3. This article is so full of shit.

    The guys in I Made A Monster are some of the coolest I’ve ever met.

    Spew your hatred somewhere else. Anyone that knows the band, knows that what you’re saying is slander and bullshit.

    • You’re probably a 15 year old scene girl who knows nothing about music.
      Slander is spoken. Written its libel.

      • Are you not doing what you’re saying the band was doing last night? Disrespecting people… that’s hypocritical, to say the least.

      • It’s not being hypocritical. You get the RESPECT you EARN and DESERVE in the scene. If a band/ booking agent/ venue does something wrong, you can bet your ass that we’re going to call them out on it. I’d expect someone to call me out if I did something wrong. I have issued apologies in the past and I’m sure I’ll have to again. The thing is, I ADMIT when I’m wrong AND apologize for my actions.

      • So insulting this girl when you’re mad at the band is ok? Whatever… the issue’s over with and dropped anyways.

        Honestly, these guys are some of the nicest guys I know and they don’t deserve this disrespect that you’re giving them.

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for the free publicity, and would like to request a angsty post weekly if you have the time. Thank you

  5. I love how every rebuttal to this article has been completely illogical and littered with excuses pulled out of the fucking sky.

    Someone fucked up. Someone had an off sense of humor or vented their frustration through the wrong medium. Major label bands get demolished by the media over shit like this. Local bands have it lucky by having the leeway to make amends. There is no other excuse or reason, and it needed to be said to draw out said amends. Hooray.

    Jesus, people should have paid some attention in debate class during high school.

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  7. MetalDocBrown needs his ass kicked. You’re clearly a scared pussy that badmouths metal, because you never had success in it yourself. If you want to put bands down, come to one of their shows, and tell them. You did this to my band, and I got pissed; you’re doing it to these guys now, I can understand why their pissed. Fuck You METALDOCBROWN, you’re a disgrace to all metal fans.

  8. this wedding is horse shit. but for real, jared is what fucked their band, he’s gone now, problem solved 🙂 wahhhhh.

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