“Shvt The Fvck Vp!” by Principal Strickland

Shvt The Fvck Vp!

Introductions are unimportant.  The good doctor told me to write about whatever so here’s something that’s been on my mind for several years.

Black metal is not a genre I’m particularly fond of but that’s not relevant to this topic.  There is a population of black metalers who pride themselves as being fans of  “Trve Kvlt” (True Cult) There’s no hard definition of this term as is the case with all genres, sub-genres, etc.  Though the basic idea goes something like this:  black metal considered to be trve is generally more raw and unpolished both in style and instrumentation consisting of drums, guitar, bass and vocals. No keys, drum triggers vocal harmonies etc.    Far more often than not it has been recorded very poorly and done so purposefully resulting in something that sounds like white noise being blasted through an old tv set and recorded to cassette. This is element that I wish to focus my lens on.

Fans will defend this garbbly, fuzzy mess of music to the death and I cannot understand why.  You hear things like “it’s more real because it’s so raw” or “it’s atmospheric”  fuck that.  It’s not atmospheric it’s fucking noise just admit it.  Everybody who’s been in a band has some kind of shitty recording of their music lying around, it’s part of the process of being in a band and there’s nothing wrong with that. Recording can be expensive and you do what you can.  To do it on purpose says to me that you don’t care enough about your music or your fans to put out a decent recording.  Tell me what the pointis of spending your time writing music if you’re going to release it to the public in a form that the listener can’t even distinguish one part from another because it’s lost in a sea of fuzzy garbage?  I’m not saying everything needs to be pro-tooled and sound replaced to the point that it might as well just be a computer doing it (that’s another issue altogether).

The point is this:  Like what you like.  If you like the sound of this stuff just say so and don’t try to justify it to other people with bullshit excuses like “it’s more personal and ambient” and if you are one of these artists have enough respect for your music and your fans to put something out there that actually shows the music you wrote.

and stop saying “Hails!”you sound like a fucking moron.


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