Battlecross- Pursuit of Honor Album Review by Doc Brown

It’s about time I got around to doing this. Forgive my lateness.

I have been friends with Battlecross for several years now, having shared the stage with them a few times and seeing them open for national acts like Mushroomhead, Gwar, and many others.

Their Metal Blade debut, “Pursuit of Honor”, is a very solid release. Tony and Hiran’s guitar work is better than ever, accentuated by the tight rhythm section of Don and Mike. (Mike Kreger is an amazing fucking drummer, people.) Kyle “Gumby” Gunther’s vocals are a welcome feature to the line-up after they lost their vocalist.

I had listened to their original demo, “Push Pull Destroy”, a million times before they re-recorded the vocals and fine tuned the recording, and let me tell you right now that “Pursuit of Honor” completely destroys their demo with its polished quality.

The highlight of the album for me is “Leech”, which has always been my favorite Battlecross jam. Its fast, heavy, and makes you want to kick some fucking ass. The latest Battlecross song, “Kaleb” is a look at what direction I think Battlecross is headed, which is definitely a good direction.

It has been a long time coming for these guys and I hope they continue to have good sales and great shows. I think Battlecross is here to stay and I dont hear many people complaining.



2 thoughts on “Battlecross- Pursuit of Honor Album Review by Doc Brown


  2. Nice review Doc! Better late than never. What I love about this excellent debut album is that I’ve noticed a lot of people have different favorite tracks off it. Coincidentally, I just happened to review the song “Kaleb” yesterday, let me know what you think?

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