“Fuck You, People. Fuck You.” by Doc Brown

Some of  you may have noticed by now that I’m not posting as much as I usually do and there is a very good reason for that. For the last month or so I have felt very under the weather, basically sleeping all day and just getting out of bed to work. Well, the not feeling good finally culminated with me puking a fairly large amount of blood.

Let me tell you this people: Seeing a large amount of bright red blood in a very white toilet is the scariest moment of your fucking life.

I have somehow managed to acquire a bleeding ulcer, and according to the doctor is is from stress and anxiety.

I blame all of you fuckers for this.

Anyways, we have added a new lead writer to the staff here at Metal Doc Brown, and he’ll be helping me to keep up with articles while I’m wallowing in my misery.

Also, there are definitely some big things coming for the site, I know I keep saying this but it’s definitely going to blow your minds.


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