“If You Ever Have a Kid That Acts That Way I’ll Disown You.” by Doc Brown

Let me make it clear right now that this article is not an attack on Of Virtue. It is merely observations that I’ve made over the last two years-ish.

For a band who talks a lot about unity and brotherhood, Of Virtue definitely needs to listen to their own advice.

I’ve been to a ton of shows that Of Virtue has played. I enjoy their music to a certain degree, although they are sounding more and more like Misery Signals. (Not a bad thing, but how many bands already sound like Misery Signals?)

There has been a trend of a ton of bands supporting Of Virtue and even donating money to their Start-Up Fund, and receiving no support or thanks in return. I have NEVER seen a member from Of Virtue at a show that they weren’t playing. Unity and brotherhood works both ways, guys. If you want someone to support you, you’d better support them too.

I remember watching Of Virtue at the Earn It Yourself show in Lansing, and as soon as they were done playing all of their fans left. Of Virtue never mentioned for them to stick around to watch the other bands and the members of the band left before KnowLyfe even set foot on stage.

If I were a member of KnowLyfe I would have felt pretty betrayed and pissed off. They sat there the whole night watching ALL of the bands, including Of Virtue. At the very least, Of Virtue could have stuck around and watched KnowLyfe, or told their fans to stick around, but neither happened. They played, their fans left and KnowLyfe played for twenty people, when a half hour earlier the place had been packed.

I know there is probably going to be a ton of backlash on this article, but frankly, I don’t give what they call a fuck. This NEEDED to be said and I know there are people who agree with me. If you don’t just take a close look around you the next time your at a show in Lansing. If Of Virtue isn’t playing, you’re not gonna see a member of that band there.

Wise up guys, before its too late.




11 thoughts on ““If You Ever Have a Kid That Acts That Way I’ll Disown You.” by Doc Brown

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. SO many bands forget how important it is to support their brother and sister bands. No one can make it solely on their own. And all it causes is animosity and friction between bands instead of a true brotherhood and support. And that’s too bad. The biggest thing the metal community needs is support and to work together. And personally, I look for this when I’m checking out a new band I might be interested in booking. Attitude and behavior off-stage is important too. Support the show, the venue, the fans and most importantly: your brother bands.

  2. you have horrible grammar, plus you’re not very observant.

  3. First off I want to say that a small, and when I mean small I mean extremely microscopic, part of me can agree with this dumbass. You are so far off from the persona’s of each member that you make yourself sound ignorant. Each and every member of the band, of virtue, has given and showed love to every single “fan” aka family member that has ever supported them. You mistake the fact that every person in the band works their ass off in everyday society to provide a solid foundation for their musical conquests. I have been going to shows since 2000 and I remember booking shows at the MSU bowling alley and the band from which of virtue came from “the passion within” would play for 5 people, including other bands. Those guys have worked so hard since their beginnings and have never forgotten where they came from. They don’t represent Detroit, Saginaw, grand rapids, or flint, they represent Lansing MI. Of Virtue represents everything that this city stands for including the struggle, the downfalls, or the pathetically depressive state. They are the heart of the hardcore scene in this city and will forever be loved. So the question I have for you is, where were you to support their cd release and to feel the amount of love that was in that room. Where were you, to shed the amount of tears that fell from us fans whoops I mean family members eyes. Where were you, when every song was dedicated to the support of everyone who donated a single dollar. Where were you when every band member took the time to hug every single “fan” that wanted one. More importantly where were you when all of us were screaming the lyrics to songs which personally express everything that has happened in our life. Who the Fuck do you think you are rockstar? You aren’t shit!

  4. Gotta go to fellow brotheren’s shows, and atleast stick around to support them, i agree with your example fully, alot of disrespect and unprofessionalism.

  5. Alright, I just have to say that I have been to shows where members of Of Virtue were there, & Of Virtue wasn’t playing. The Medica CD Release, is an example of one. All of them have jobs, so yes, they’re busy. But Of Virtue has come a long way since they started out as The Passion Within, & they have definitely grown as not only a band, but as a people themselves, as a family. Yes, maybe they do not attend every show that is going on that they aren’t playing. But in reality, who does? They are amazing people, & I absolutely think that you should check your sources/make sure you have correct facts next time you write an article like this.

    • I don’t deny that they are a good band. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Of Virtue IS a good band. However, I go to quite a few shows and never see them there. Everyone I know, which is quite a few people, always complains that they never see Of Virtue members at shows they aren’t playing. You named ONE example. I can name 200 examples of shows they didn’t go to. When a good friend of their’s donated a TON of money to their Kickstart fund, they promised they’d come to his bands first show. Guess what? They forgot about it. Really showing the brotherhood and unity.

      • i can think of plenty of other times that they have gone to shows that they haven’t played, but that was the most recent one that i was personally at that their members were there. They’re a good band, & they have genuine hearts. cut them some slack, its not like every other band goes to EVERY show that is going on, either.

      • I’m personal friends with one of the of virtue guys and am familiar with the boys in the band. I also help run a venue that they play at. of virtue are not only very professional but I’ve seen them at plenty of shows they don’t play at. and let me clue you in on something: it’s not always metal. it’s not like they don’t have dayjobs and girlfriends and problems…. and taste for other genres of music.

  6. You know, I think if people would stop getting so damn butthurt about things they’d see the constructive criticism going on. Nobody said that they are a bad band, a wrinkle in their attitude was pointed out so it could be ironed.

    Fuck, it’s like people WANT to take offense to every little thing.

  7. I know many of the members of the band, Of Virtue, personally and I can attest to the fact that they do have much love for all the bands in the scene. There is something to be said about supporting bands, and this is something that they can work on as a band. But blaming Of Virtue for the fact that Know Lyfe is stuck in 2005 and still playing their ‘smashing hit’, “Balloons” for their 5 devoted fans is stupid. It’s up to Know Lyfe to get people out to their shows. It would have been courteous to mention for the fans to stay on Of Virtue’s part, but most people already make up in their minds what bands they’re going to stay for regardless of what a lead singer tells them to do.

    Of Virtue could use a slight attitude adjustment from some of the members, but blaming them for Know Lyfe’s lack of fans isn’t fair.

  8. i am friends with members of this band, and they are incredible people. i am sick and tired of people bitching about how band members don’t attend other band’s shows. some bands tour, some bands have other jobs, etc. there are other things going on in life besides going to shows. and yes, they do go to some, but it is damn near impossible to make it to all. and i agree with the person above, when it is said that you can’t blame of virtue for knowlyfe’s lack of fans. yes, knowlyfe does have fans, but it is NOT of virtue’s fault that people left. it just proves that of virtue has REALLY dedicated fans.

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