“I’m Your Density…I Mean, Your Destiny” by Doc Brown

So, as Principal Strickland would say in the movies, I’ve been slacking.

Sorry, but contrary to popular belief, I DO have a life outside of Metal Doc Brown.

With that being said, let us dive right back into things.

First of all, my new favorite venue in the Mid-Michigan area is The Blackened Moon Concert Hall in Lansing. That place has enough space to bring in some bigger nationals if they wanted and the entire staff is friendly. This place definitely could take over the Lansing area if they had the right mixture of local and national shows. I’m excited to see where they’re going to be a year from now as far as the quality and quantity of their national acts.

Sec0nd, I am severely pissed off about several items pertaining to me in particular. Bands, if you don’t have enough faith in your band to spend 20-40 bucks on a fucking logo, don’t waste your time messaging me or writing on my wall trying to get a free one. Logos represent a lot about your band. Designers put a ton of time and effort into trying to get what you’re looking for as far as design goes. Downloading a font off of the internet and typing your name does not make it a logo or you a designer. It means you know how to download fonts and type your name. Congratulations, you graduated 7th grade computer class.

Third, which still is in the vein of number two, 15 year old kids who start a “Design Company” or “Apparel Company” and then just rip pictures off of the internet and throw them onto a t-shirt or CD booklet and call it an original piece of work. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are only embarrasing yourself and the bands that choose to go through you for design. I admit that I’m not a professional designer, but I also have a ton of fucking experience doing it. I practiced for years before ever making a logo and charging for it. A bootlegged a copy of Adobe’s Creative Suite doesn’t make you a designer, it makes you fucking stupid if you believe you can just type a random font and make a buck off of it.

All I’m saying is this: If you genuinely believe in your band and actually want to have a logo that represents who you are, don’t expect to get your logo for free. My logo prices are ridiculously low compared to most designers, so don’t try to fucking complain about them being outrageously priced just because your friend can make a shitty one in GIMP for free.


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