“Hey, You Paid for Chaos and You Sure As Hell Got It” by Doc Brown

Okay, why exactly is everyone so surprised that Carnival of Chaos was a gigantic clusterfuck?

Every year they find some way to fuck someone over.

This year they managed to fuck over more people than usual, including Hatebreed, Kittie, and Dope. As a matter of fact, Hatebreed was so pissed that they played a free show at the Intersection for roughly 1300 people. Kittie responded on the Carnival of Chaos page saying that the promoter told them that the entire event had been cancelled.

When a national band takes time out of their schedule to address a promoter being shady as fuck, you should probably take notice and start thinking twice about working with that promoter.

How many bands were promised the time slot right before a national band? I’m just wondering because I’ve heard at least 5 bands say they were supposed to play right before Kittie.

Many local bands who sold tickets were also told they could not play, so I do believe that the fuckers who booked the show owe quite a few bands some money back. They also owe the fans who went to see Hatebreed, Kittie, and Dope their money back.

What this all comes down to is that the promoter of Carnival of Chaos mismanaged, squandered, or pocketed all the ticket money they forced bands to produce. They owe everyone a real explanation, not the bullshit of them saying that Hatebreed, Kittie, and Dope bailed on the show. We all know for a fucking fact that those bands didn’t bail on shit. Kittie SHOWED UP TO PLAY and WAS TURNED AWAY.

So, Carnival of Chaos, what exactly happened to all the money that bands worked their asses off for?


3 thoughts on ““Hey, You Paid for Chaos and You Sure As Hell Got It” by Doc Brown

  1. Also, I was there on Sat and Motograter was the only band who didn’t leave. They stayed for their fans and played for an hour long, FOR THEIR FANS and they still WERE NOT PAID. That’s low. And it was a disgusting, muddy mess where no one who deserved it was paid, except for the one guy who walked away with all the money.

  2. I was one of those campers in the clay/mud. We were told that Kittie, Hatebreed and Dope had cancelled. I was seriously thinking about not listening to their music anymore, as were many others. Nothing worse then thinking the bands you go to see don’t give a fuck if you paid for nothing. Hell, the porta-potty guys wouldn’t even clean them until they got paid cash in hand. I’m glad to know that the bands did care about us and didn’t just say fuck em.

  3. Fuck Yeah! I am in one of the locals that got fucked, and let me tell ya, i’ve been in bands around michigan since I was 17, i’m 30 now, and I have NEVER been treated so horribly as a band…….. I will NEVER in my life play a Carnival Of Chaos show again. I don’t care if I have it in writing that i’m getting paid. I didn’t care about the money, but everyone else got 45 minutes to an hour to play, the band right before us played for almost an hour and we got % punk ass fuckin song’s! Nope.

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