As They Sleep responds to Doc Brown

This article is in response to “Thats Not a Knife, THIS is a Knife.” by Doc Brown. After talking to Aaron from As They Sleep on Saturday I received this follow-up email. I wanted to post it for everyone to see.

My main reason for the email is because after lurking your site for a few, I did what every band under the sun does, and did a search for my own band’s name. I read your “That’s not a knife” thread and it was pretty entertaining (as is everything else on your site, seriously, I thoroughly enjoy your writing). I just wanted to set the rumors straight and make sure there wasn’t any bad blood.



I heard the same rumors dude, the whole “we were at the mall” thing… I laughed then, and it’s still funny. The fact is, is we didn’t want to take any possible earnings away from Letter to the Exiles (the other band we were on tour with) by cancelling the show. In all honesty, we were trying to get some practice gear lined up so we could pull off the show… Obviously, it didn’t happen, but if the person who said they saw us at the mall knew anything about us – they would have known it wasn’t us.



-I never go to the mall.

-We all live an hour apart and the last thing we would do once back home from a tour is hang out together.

-We rented a mini van in KC and drove it home leaving our tour van, trailer, gear, and merch in Missouri for two weeks after the tour was over.


Yep, you heard that right, we had no choice and certainly couldn’t afford to stay in hotels until our van was fixed. It sucked. Hard. And to come home and hear that people would ever think that we were just bailing and hanging at the mall is just ridiculous. Clearly they have no CLUE who we are, or what we look like for that matter. Although, you could easily mistake a couple of chicks from behind as Barry and Tony, maybe that’s what happened. We literally had our drummer fly back to KC two weeks after the tour to pick up our van and trailer once it was fixed to drive it all back home. Honestly, we could cough up the receipts for the airfare, van rental, hotel stays and shop labor just to squash the rumors. Obviously it’s not THAT big of a deal, but I want everyone to know the truth. MAN it’s funny how fast shit piles up ya know?


We have always supported other bands and we are always thankful to the bands/fans that support us as well.



I just wanted you to hear it from the source dude.


Again, I’m glad we had the chance to meet last night and I’m looking forward hanging again soon.





P.S. I also read a few spots in your blogs where you threw us props as well, just wanted to let you know it didn’t go unnoticed brotha.


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