“Family Matters” by Doc Brown

Well holy shit, Doc has something positive to say.

I went to the first Michigan Metal Booking show last night and was shocked to see everyone actually acting like a family, watching all the bands, and supporting each other. The bands on the bill were all from different parts of Michigan for the most part and you’d think they’d been friends since birth.

I have good news for everyone. The Family is BACK in Michigan Metal.

Thanks to Adam Cross for organizing that shit and everyone at the Blackened Moon for hosting it.

As some of you may know, I DID make an appearance with Bury the Silence. If you missed it, sucks to be you because it was epic as fuck.

Big props to Regiment, The Devastator, As They Sleep, and Withold the Blood for putting on an awesome show!

Until the video comes out at least.

Big shout out to all the readers who actually recognized me and said hi: Jim Albrecht, Addrok Garvey, Josh Hibbs, Adam Cross, Aaron Bridgewater, Clint Harkness, Wokk Darnell,  Chelsey Cross, Jennah  Walters, and everyone else. (Sorry if I missed you, I’m still tired as shit!)


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