“Nobody puts ‘Baby’ in a corner.” by Doc Brown

Well, now that I’m back from my short vacation from all of you malevolent fucks, I’m back with a vengeance.

How exactly does a band that has never played a show get on the biggest tour to come through Lansing in years? The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, and Cannibas Corpse. (Yeah, seriously holy shit!)

Hey, Fusion Shows, way to slap all the bands who actually deserve the slot in the face. How does it feel to have an entire scene pissed at you for booking a brand new band with no draw onto a bigger show just so you can try to gain them more fans, which means you’ll book them more and make money off of them.

What about bands like Genocya, The Devastator, Bury the Silence, or even Battlecross that you could have put on the show? How many other bands have been around longer and deserve to be on this show?

Well, I guess I should have seen this coming after you slaughtered the line-up for Bledfest 2011.

Shame on you, Fusion Shows. We all know that Deadlight has members of Siren the Escape, you know, that band you booked on every single show you had until the entire scene couldn’t stand to see them. 

I do believe you have alienated many of the bands and fans that supported your shows, me being one of them. Good things should come to those who deserve it, not those who can give the best under-the-table hand-jobs. 

We are all wondering, and we hope we get an answer, WHAT exactly convinced you to book Deadlight on a tour with bands they sound NOTHING like?

The don’t SOUND like the bands, they have NEVER played a show, and quite honestly, they DO NOT have the respect of the scene. I hope to see them booed off the stage just on the principal of having to work to get your rewards, not having them handed to you.



4 thoughts on ““Nobody puts ‘Baby’ in a corner.” by Doc Brown

  1. This might sound redundant, but…who are Deadlight??

  2. Doc, Doc, Doc..smh…First of all, Fusion Shows doesnt have to put on a band at all…They don’t need to put a band with a big draw on the bill in the opening slot because Fusion will likely have a sell out no matter who opens. It’s not about who deserves it, or who should get it. Its about which band the promoter has a vested interest in and wants to get this band more exposure. What’s going to be awesome is this band is going to open up for brutal bands with a brutal fan base and they’ll likely get brutally laughed off of the stage…Nate Dorogh could care less about Genocya, Battlecross or anyone else who ‘deserves it’ because they havent done anything to benefit to Fusion shows, but likely, this Deadlight band has. For instance, like how Kevin would have the *original* I decay open for a lot of nationals over and over again—it was to acknowledge the good business that I decay brought to the Machine Shop over the years…

    Plus, who’d want to play on a circuit with bands that are not metal and that most metal heads have never heard of? If you want to be pissed, be pissed at the Detroit area midsize venues that did NOT bid high enough for this tour package. straight up.

    • I’m actually happy that they are coming to Lansing, much closer for me and Lansing never has any huge nationals. Deadlight is just a reincarnation of Siren The Escape and The Vanity Farewell, both of which Fusion shows pushed extremely hard on the scene with no real results. Now they’re going to force feed us this band.

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