“Hey, I Think He Took His Wallet” by Marty Mcfly


As I was sitting on good ol’ Facebook yesterday I came across something too good to be true! Could it be that The Black Dahlia Murder, All Shall Perish, and Cannabis Corpse are actually touring together!? And are they really playing in Lansing!? I was super pumped to see this….then I click the event page….Deadlight is opening…. Who the fuck is that I ask myself. Oh yeah that’s right, it’s that shitty bro-core band with dudes from Siren The Escape in it. Listening to this band’s one track I realized right then how FUCKED the promoters are. This band is not even close to the same category as BDM, All Shall Perish, or Cannabis Corpse. These guys aren’t even from Lansing. There are so many good bands in the Capital City and you take an out of town band that isn’t even metal and put them on with nationals. They didn’t earn shit. To put the icing on the cake Deadlight HAS NEVER PLAYED A SHOW. That’s right, you read correctly, these guys first show will be supporting a national show. How more people are not outraged about this blows my mind! So the question that has yet to be answered is who’s load do I need to swallow these days to get on good shows like this? I believe the term is called Good Ol’ Boys.


2 thoughts on ““Hey, I Think He Took His Wallet” by Marty Mcfly

  1. That was a truly great blog…

  2. I do not disagree with you!

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