“Witty Title in 3…2…Shit” by Mad Dog Tannen

This weekend I played a show. It wasn’t a bad show, decent turnout and all. Granted, they were mostly kids but a body is a body. The band after us, also kids, wasn’t half bad. Until the vocalist went for high screaming and his voice kept cracking. Weirdest sound I’ve ever heard.


Back to business, this was definitely a busy ass weekend. You had Summer Slaughter on Friday, then Mayhem on Saturday, and a slew of local shows happening all over. I was at SS, but not Mayhem as the lineup was….well it was garbage. It was like what happened with Dirtfest’s lineup this year only on a grander scale. What the hell? Is metal going back to mainstream obscurity? Some say they’d hope so, me on the other hand love seeing more metalheads around. Wait…..all these shows were packed? What the hell?


Ok, so I think it’s in unanimous agreement that our local metal scene, while strong, is also dwindling past a low we just cannot accept. So all of these shows this weekend were packed, yet where the hell is everyone the rest of the year? Does anyone have a fair answer? Underbooked, underpromoted, shafted, and talentless all come to mind I believe. Regardless, I would think that if this many people went to all these big named shows they’d at least be seen somewhere around the local scene as well.


Basically, I’m calling bullshit on the fans on this one. Yes, they were all big names in the metal circuit playing. You shelled out boatloads of cash to get there, buy their merch, etc. So $5-$10 shows practically every weekend is too fucking much to ask? Even if you have to look at it this way, and if someone breaks the metaphor to get butthurt I will throw a brick at your cat; you have your big brands, and your off brands. Consider these huge tours the big brands and our local shows as the off brands. They’re cheaper, taste (sound?) the same, carry just as much value, and are mostly more available. You don’t have to buy it all the time, but sometimes in the sake of a good time on low cash you choose the 2nd option. Done. You won’t get DTE, but you’ll still get the same form of entertainment.


It’s a weird metaphor, but it gets the point across.Basically, get off your asses. Everyone. Bands, tell your fans. Fans, see your bands.


Another thing, I’ve seen this happen to Doc with all the nonsensical hate spewed his way so I’ll just say a few things about me before that hate comes my way. I’ve been a musician for nearly 2 decades, that’s 20 fucking years, and in bands for over half of that. Sometimes they were not metal bands either. Sometimes they went somewhere, sometimes they didn’t. Regardless, never once have I gained an ego about it. Even if a band I was in sucked, I knew it and didn’t act like we didn’t. Some of you need to learn a very hard fucking lesson in humility, you’ll hear that word from me a lot actually. Do me a favor, go throw in any signed band’s cd. Now listen to yours. Now look at me. The signed band’s, LOOK AT ME, back to yours. Do you understand now? Just because for the sake of being “unique” you consider EVERTHING you do a good song in its own right does NOT make you a good band. I sometimes read those rants against Doc and wonder who you’re really trying to convince. Unless you’re just jamming for fun in your friend’s basement, it is not just your opinion you should consider when dealing with your band. Get over it, it happens.


By the way, Biclops still sucks.


2 thoughts on ““Witty Title in 3…2…Shit” by Mad Dog Tannen

  1. we didnt see you at summer slaughter…did you see us?

  2. I don’t think so, I was near the bar by the big ass fan.

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