Needle’s Summer Slaughter 2011 Review

NEEDLES’ SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2011 REVIEWby Douglas J. NeedlesPeople can talk all the shit they want about this year’s Summer Slaughter line up… I HAD FUN. Sure, there were a few bands a little out of place. I can agree to disagree, that hardcore and metal can coexist. Summer Slaughter was created for metal bands to unite as one and tour with each other to feed the hungry fans metal food for metal thought. But with bands like Oceano and As Blood Runs Black on the bill, I could see why many are disgruntled by the direction that Summer Slaughter has taken.
While Hanging Out With Dying Fetus outside of the venue after they finished playing, bass guitarist and co-lead vocalist Sean Beasley, had made some comments about the festival getting “weaker and weaker every year”. But in my opinion this year deserves much credit.
Walking inside of Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI, the first thing I had heard was Within The Ruins opening up the whole shindig. Although I’m not a huge fan, I enjoy they’re music from time to time and they played a great set… very tight and pleasing to the ears… and we were off to a great start.

Next was Fleshgod Apocalypse. What can I say that their music and performance doesn’t say for itself… they were spot on for every song, every beat, and all vocals sounded spectacular disregarding some technical difficulties with the operatic vocals in “The Violation”, which was the first track they had played. There were some malfunctions with the microphone and it was also not loud enough. But they were only the second band to play, it happens.
Oceano…… arggghhh. I listened to one of their songs…… and walked outside for a cigarette…. Fuck death/core.
As for As Blood Runs Black, they were not bad surprisingly enough… I enjoyed “Allegiance”, their debut album, in my teenage years and being that the new album titled “Instinct”, is basically “Allegience” 2.0, it was easy to get into. Plus, I’ve seen As Blood Runs Black twice before this and they’ve never played better… I believe that there is hope for them. They are also super nice guys a few friends and I were invited to one of their “safety meetings”. Which was just code for lets smoke a bunch of weed.
Powerglove stole the show… Opening with X-men they released a relentless assault of power metal guitar leads and beautifully written solos. Followed By many other killer themes songs of video games and cartoon series’. Such as, “fuck that bird!”, which was a battle theme from one of the mega man games. In the middle of their set they threw out inflatable battle axes and swords for the crowd to do battle, giving it a nice theatrical aspect. Also, the Poke’mon theme song, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, which I walked out on because it was they’re last song and I wanted to hear Batman. Sorry Powerglove, but I was offended.
Dying Fetus was excellent… the trio made a great impression on me. They’ve always had a place in my heart… but I don’t think I realized this until I saw them live. All I can say is WOW. It was absolutely slimy and disgusting. I loved it. Every guttural spoke directly to my soul.
Darkest Hour may not have been the heaviest band playing, but they proved that after all of these years they still bring it. They had an excellent stage performance and when they played their classic song “The Sadist Nation”, it really got me pumped. I felt like I was 15 again. I even enjoyed many of their songs from their latest, “The Human Romance”.
I started making my way to the front row as Six Feet Under began their set. Ive always liked Six Feet Under solely for novelty purposes. Lets face it. Chris Barnes’ vocals are just awful. He kept doing these “highs”, that sounded similar to a bald eagle swooping in for its prey. They were terrible. They didn’t even play “Amerika The Brutal”. Which was the only reason I wanted to see them. The only high points in their set was their first and last songs. In which, they covered two Cannibal Corpse songs, “Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead” and “Hammer Smashed Face”. Minus Chris Barnes’ slaughtering the vocals it was pretty awesome.
By the time Whitechapel started playing I was in the front right up against the gates. I can’t stand Whitechapel. Again, Fuck Death/Core. I just wanted to be up front for The Black Dahlia Murder….. my favorite band… the highest point of Whitechapel for me was when I caught a pick from Whitechapel at the end of their set. Not That I Care. But there were plenty of 16 year old scene boys and girls that seemed to be enjoying it.
And last but not least, The Black Dahlia Murder. Amazingly tight like always, they really put on for their hometown. I was glad they played a lot of their old stuff because I know all of the lyrics… I love to sing along. They only played a few off ritual which I thoroughly enjoyed but “Deathmask Divine” was the highest point in the set being that its my favorite song… it was also nice to hear some stuff off from Unhallowed, such as Funeral Thirst, which was their closing song. It was insanely hot in the venue through the whole festival so by the time bdm had played a couple songs and I had thrown down pretty hard, I was covered in my own sweat, other peoples sweat, and water. Water that was sprayed on to us and poured into our mouths by the health consciences staff and security guards… We appreciate it. If not for you I probably would have died from heat stroke. Cause there was no fucking way I was leaving the front row until The Black Dahlia Murder was finished playing…. I’m Dedicated.
Summer Slaughter was an exciting experience for me… it may not have been the best line up in the festivals history… but it will certainly go down in My History. Good times with good friends, listening to good music, drinkin’ good beer and smokin’ good bud. …And that’s what it will always be about.


3 thoughts on “Needle’s Summer Slaughter 2011 Review

  1. Hey im trying to go to the boston show tonight but i have to work and have no idea if its going late enough. What time did your date start and what time did bdm play? Thanks!

  2. hey! We didnt see you there at all. We were stage right, right next to Ryan…I kept peeking out into the audience and was looking for anyone i knew…no avail

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