Horrible Band of the Day- Eph.Eye


Seriously, this is the most eclectic band ever. Rap, screaming, singing. It’s like Limp Bizkit ass-fucked Three Days Grace.

I honestly cannot say enough bad things about this band. There is nothing good. It is seriously making me lose hope in mankind. I really hope they’re broken up or dead.



2 thoughts on “Horrible Band of the Day- Eph.Eye

  1. I’m the guitarist of that band and you’re obviously jealous since you can never be as amazing as us. Talk shit all you want I’ll have your mothers head on a platter bitch.

  2. Actually this music is filled w/power ,torment ,badd ass guitar bass drums, and if you took the time to listen to the lyrics, they arent like anyone Quit Hatin cuz theres no show like an EphEye show

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