Flashback Article- “Hey, Hey! I’m Walkin’ Here!” By Doc Brown

“Hey, hey! I’m walkin’ here!” By Doc Brown


I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. I tend to think the best of people until they give me a reason not to like them. Well, shocking as this may be, there is a group of people that I am not happy with at all.


If you are a younger band emerging onto the scene you had better start respecting the people who paved the way for you.


I’m tired of seeing 15 and 16 year olds show thinking they’re Def Leppard. They’re rude, immature, and disrespectful. They have no place in our scene.


If people show up for your set and then leave before any other bands play you are just killing the scene. I would prefer that your band and your “fans” (parents, girlfriends, and boyfriends) stayed home. It’s a waste of time and money.


Respect is earned in this scene, not given. You are not in the family just because you show up to a venue, wear a black t-shirt, and can play a breakdown.  Every show is earned as well. Slamming a venue for not booking you will only


damage your reputation further, and cause a lot of older bands to look down on you for running your mouth before you deserve that right.


If your band is having trouble booking shows, maybe you should think about how you are interacting with the older bands. Often times a promoter will ask them how they feel about new bands, and trust me, older bands have quite a bit of influence when they don’t like something.  


Older bands also know when to show appreciation for a younger band. The younger ones will show up to a show early to watch everyone before them and stay after. They will thank the people in charge and promote every show that they play. They show up to shows that they are not even playing.


I always talk a lot about bringing the family back to Michigan Metal, and I genuinely believe that respect is the root of this family.


Grow up and respect your elders.


2 thoughts on “Flashback Article- “Hey, Hey! I’m Walkin’ Here!” By Doc Brown

  1. Unfortunately, The Metal community has never been known for being respectful or loyal to one another, and essentially, pretty whiny ass….i’ve always found the hardcore community to be much better people in general. I mean ‘hardcore’ in the absolute REAL sense of the word: like ‘i will kick your ass hardcore if you disrespect me’, hardcore…

    TRUE hardcore that looks like this:

    NOT ‘Hardcore’ that looks like this:

    I have found very few genuine people in this community for the most part…they say great things to your face and they hate behind yout back. I get it ALL of the time…At least you are straight up about it—

    We’re friends with the hardcore community and they are ALWAYS very respectful and they are very much a family to one another, They see us, nod their head up to greet us, and thank you for coming. We support them, they support us. you’d never see the shit that you see in their community that they do with this community. Maybe we need to get a little more ‘hardcore’ and kick some ass here and there—maybe thats what’s missing, a good old-school beatdown in public, maybe a knife to the gut that looks worse than it is, or a sucker punch—to remind people to shut the fuck up and learn some respect.

    i’m down.

    • I’ve never really been down with the Hardcore scene in Michigan. I do remember a time when metal had their community though, especially back in the Jamestowne days. (Mosh or Freeze, the Kurt Stepp Shows, etc)

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