Horrible Band of the Day-Mine Enemies Fall

I’m already expecting to catch hell for this one, mostly because they sound like a band that a ton of mindless drones would follow. You know the group of people I’m talking about. They only go to metal shows when their favorite band plays, then leaves all the other bands high and dry.

I’ve had numerous complaints about these guys, beyond their mediocre music even. They don’t promote shows, and drop some of them at the last second. Thats not the kind of business practice that we need in our scene. Thats what makes these guys the Horrible Band of the Day.


7 thoughts on “Horrible Band of the Day-Mine Enemies Fall

  1. Who in the world writes this sh*t, obviously someone who actually knows nothing about this band because this whole article is far from the truth.

  2. Sounds like your just a little bitch that sits behind a computer screen and a fake persona. scared to tell everybody who you really are, because you know you get your ass whooped you little bitch. Your the most metal thing that has ever metaled! ….. You fail at life. I laugh at people like you because you claim to know everything there is about music and all you do is talk shit on the internet. You do nothing but complain and shit on good bands because everything you have ever done in your life is nothing but a fail. Your a pillow bitter! The thing I find the most interesting is you say they don’t promote their shows or other bands, which is bullshit, because I see them a posting that daily, and have been as long as I can remember. you act as if you’re such a big bad ass musician or a popular icon in this metal scene, as if by chance you think that you’re famous or something, all you do is sit behind a computer screen and bitch about what other people are doing yet you do nothing. You are nothing more than an oxygen thief. So have fun with your little wanna be blog here. but I understand why you do it, every morning when you put on your mcdonald’s fry cook hat, you need something in this world to make you feel as if you have a reason to live. FYI, you dont. Right after you write a blog, for about 10 minutes you think you’re awesome, but then you realize how much your life sucks. So do us all a favor and fall on the business end of a butchers knife. K? Bye 🙂

    sincerely, your best friend in the whole wide world, wes

    • I’ve made public appearances AS Metal Doc Brown ON STAGE. I have said mulitiple times that I’m not an expert. Also, I didn’t name you guys the horrible band of the week, you were nominated by more than ten people. As far as my Mcdonald’s fry cook hat goes, I hung that shit up after high school. In my line of work I take care of people who have severe developmental disabilities, so good try at trying to make me sounds like a broke ass with a minimum wage job.

  3. Wow… You write this yourself, Doc? Even if MEF was a horrible band, which they’re not, it’s pretty BS of you to call their fans “mindless drones”! Pretty sure that the mindless one would be you. For you to not look into this band before labeling them “Horrible” is pretty ridiculous and mindless in itself. I’m not going to sit here and go in circles telling you how wrong the supposed people who voted them horrible are, but I will say that hopefully people find out for themselves what great guys all of them are in MEF!

  4. maybe you should stick to your day job….because you obviously dont have a clue what you are talkin about…then again…you are writing for a whole 300 mindless followers…get a clue about a band before writing shit about them…they are one of the hardest working metal bands around this area…and as far as crap music…not everyone wants to listen to some fag sing over some hard riffs…or maybe you like the kind of metal that has one speed and no feeling or soul…M.E.F. is on the rise…and you will be left behind writting to the same 300 clueless people….you’re a joke!!!

  5. I find it funny that on the day nunnya’s comment was left, there were 550 individual readers for that day alone. The site keeps track for you 😉

    I don’t see what warrants this kind of backlash, this article was relatively tame compared to others. Butthurt much?

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