“Donde Esta La Biblioteca, Pedro?” By Doc Brown

It’s one of those days where I really don’t have THAT much to bitch about. Be thankful, they’re few and far in between.

As I sit here, watching the Tigers get their asses handed to them by Texas, I’ve noticed something that baseball has more of than the metal scene does lately.


(Yeah, that was all a set up for a testicle joke.)

What happened to bands pushing the envelope and doing something new? Why not try to expand on your musical abilities instead of just playing one of your songs backwards and calling it a new song? I wonder how many people are going to see what their songs sound like backwards now?

Everyone has me painted as a metal elitist asshole who has no room for musical freedom in his life. You’re fucking wrong.

I listen to literally every type of music.

That doesn’t make me “un-metal” or a “pussy.” It just means that I’m not so fucking ignorant that I won’t try something new on the musical front.

 Bands, if your singing is good, all the more fucking power to you. Bring it on, I’m game. If your singing sucks try screaming. If that doesn’t work you’d better to be able to hum really fucking loud to at least do something productive with the microphone.

Try pushing your guitarists. Make them play outside of their comfort zone. Make them learn a song by a band they don’t like. Everything you do is a fucking learning experience. If you just play the same open note chugs and windmill you’re not “brutal” or “epic”, you’re fucking boring.  It’s time to put MUSICIANS back in bands, and not someone who just plays guitar, does vocals, plays bass, or plays drums. There is a big difference between someone who can play those intruments and MUSICIANS.

Which one are you?


One thought on ““Donde Esta La Biblioteca, Pedro?” By Doc Brown

  1. I’m a musician, but lately I’ve felt like just a bass player…

    I like this post. Get to learn a bit more about you, get some advice on what people are looking for with music. Just good in general.

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