It Lies Within- Review By Doc Brown

Okay, we all know how the last time I wrote about these dudes went. True, they didn’t send me a death threat, but they weren’t exactly the happiest people on earth. 

Kudos on the not sending the death threat thing, by the way.

Anyways, even if these guys could possibly be massive dicks, their music is solid as fuck. It’s straight up metalcore. Contrary to popular belief, I don’t dislike metalcore. As I Lay Dying used to be one of my go-to-bands back in the early days.

Their new song “Home is Where The Heart Is” starts strong and finishes stronger. They have a solid chanting section, singing, and breakdowns. The vocal work has improved astronomically since they last recorded. Although, I would have left the singing out all together, but hey, thats just me.

So with all that being said, It Lies Within is actually a band that I could listen to without wanting to shatter my Zune into 3 billion pieces. (Yeah, I have a Zune,  Fuck you, I’m too poor for an ipod.)

Listen to their music.


3 thoughts on “It Lies Within- Review By Doc Brown

  1. Told ya man, those are some legit dudes. Maybe even too legit….

  2. Thanks for the great review Doc! I don’t know how we got voted the dickiest band last month but I guess we gotta take the bad with the good. I can assure you we a not a band full of dicks as a matter of fact our guitar players are probably the nicest guys I know. Anyone who doesn’t agree should come check out a show sometime and maybe we can change your mind. Thanks again Doc!

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