“The Beginning of the End” by Doc Brown

With the exception of a few, and I’m talking very few, bands and people, this scene is dying.

You can argue all you want, try to poke holes in my logic, but eventually you’ll see exactly what I’m seeing.

When you have to start watching your back constantly because you can’t even trust your friends, you may as well give up on humanity. When did being friends mean that you have to constantly look for a place to stick a knife every time your friend turns around, and vice versa.

This scene is BUILT on friendship. That is all its built on. Sure, the music is there, but when you start fucking your friends over, see how far you can get with your shitty music. (Talking to you, Sin Theorem)

I am friends with Clint Harkness, Adam Cross, Greg Sharick, Jim Albrecht, Josh Hibbs, Addrok Garvey, Kurt Nelson, Tony Asta, Hiran Deraniyagala, Mike Kreger, Kyle Gunther, Aaron Christensen, Dan Faulman, Adam Besant, and a couple others.

 I am not a popular person. I’m an asshole. I swear, drink, smoke, fuck and despise religion. I support drug use and don’t deal well with authority. I hate change when it doesn’t benefit me or what I believe in. One thing that people do know about me is that I am deadly fucking loyal to my friends and what I believe in.

Humans are the only species that kill each other for personal gain or pleasure. We are the most fucked up group of animals on this planet. If we can’t even trust our friends how are we supposed to keep this scene alive? Everyone is constantly fucking everyone over.

Open your fucking eyes people. What exactly is so hard about keeping your word and NOT stabbing everyone you know in the back?


9 thoughts on ““The Beginning of the End” by Doc Brown

  1. Right on Doc! It seems to me that we’re in a post guitar hero world. Some may have learned how to play the game but not the real game which is the scene. To many fucking bands nowadays! And I bet that over half of them that formed this year will be gone soon because this isn’t a game, this is real life with real consequences. Not to mention all the fucking politics that has entered. I fucking hate the politics, and they should not even be in music, PERIOD! And with the influx of all these new bands the drama and bullshit will continue. It’s just like in nature, ya have to many “Deer” in numbers and the disease & starvation sets in. Maybe we need people like you Doc, the hunter; that this scene needs to weed out the weak. It is unfortunate that one would receive death threats for posting ones opinion. That right there is half the problem with it all. But then again its just my opinion, and I could be wrong…

  2. Let’s take a look at the REAL facts.

    The “scene” is composed of hundreds of shitty bands who play the same damn music, the same venues, and post the same thing on the internet every fucking day. The quality of recordings is so laughable it almost hurts to listen to most times, and the idea of a great “michigan metal band” show is quite simply a 4 hour one song marathon.

    You’re so called Golden Bands or highlight bands, or whatever the fuck you call them are the worst of it all! Not to say that they aren’t talented, but they aren’t certainly anything original or special. They almost all have egos the size of a skyscrapper, and the one thing they love to do, is bitch about things.

    Seems to me your blog promotes the mundane, the self righteous, and the “cool bands” Fantastic you go against society and you’re a “metalhead” let’s label you a genius because you have a keyboard and a, well you call it sense of humor, I call it a god complex. But anyway – your bashing of people and styles shows your maturity and intelligence is so limited, that if it’s not in your comfort zone it must die.

    My point? Don’t really have one because you’re going to do one of two things.

    1.) Ignore this
    2.) Write a shitty blog about how much it’s funny, or i’m stupid and oh let’s laugh at this.

    Neither of them does anything but further my point. So my advice to you? Keep pluggin your bands that are “good.” The “real music” and bash the people who soon will be out of the scene, and well beyond your legions of readers. (Oh wait, you don’t…have those, my apologizes.)

    Get off “underground metal” dick and get laid – and for fucks sake, shut the hell up.

    • I may have a God complex. I may be an asshole. I definitely have a keyboard. I didn’t force you to read this page. You came here on your own and threw a hissy fit. There are plenty of people who agree with what I’m saying. I have a huge comfort zone when it comes to metal, fuck, I have a huge comfort zone when it comes to music in general. But if a band sucks I’m certainly going to tell them that they suck. I’m not here to play daddy to bands and worry about their feelings. They’re Metalheads. If they get mad because someone points and laughs at them, what the fuck are they doing playing music? EVERY BAND GETS MADE FUN OF AT SOME POINT.
      I’ve never claimed to be a genius.
      I’ve never clamed to be the know all tell all god of metal.
      But I’m certain that I’m much fucking smarter than you are.
      Now go tell your mommy that I hurt your feelings.

  3. Your response proves every point I said in a way nothing I could have mustered would. Thank you – and your logic, maturity and arguments are so dead on I just could not argue with you at all. You are absolutely right – I am going to go cry to my mommy that you hurt my feelings, by demonstrating you are a narrow minded, narcissistic egotist with a depreciating IQ. Go ahead and go on the attack some more, because in reality, you’re 100 some “readers” (that’s your Facebook – this probably gets nothing close to that.) Are nothing but an army of idiots so wrapped up in their own shell of a life that logic and true ideals are instantly labeled as whining and pointless. Kudos for leading the blind.

    • You said if I ignored your post, you were right. You said if I posted your post, you were right. I think someone has an issue with losing an argument. I think anyone who knows me knows that I’m not Narcissistic or an egotist. I have an average of 65,000 readers a month. I’m fairly certain you are one of those elitists who get mad every time someone makes fun of something they love. Grow up, dude, this is the real world. People make fun of stuff.

  4. ^i love this guy. a real asshole.

  5. Good. The sooner this scene dies the better. Tons of terrible bands who all think they’re good, and pretending everyone else is good, and then shunning bands that actually have a good sound, and getting pissed once they get signed. For as long as i can remember the scene has sucked, so let it die, then maybe something better will take its place.

  6. you forgot about me and dan…we’re friends too!

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