Horrible Band of the Day- Blacktooth Brigade

“We are bad motherfuckers, who will no doubt shred your faces off….”

Doubtful, my “thrash” metal friends.

These guys are one of those bands who think they’re metal, but they’re really hard rock. They think they’re heavy as shit and the best thing since Kurt Cobain blew his fucking head off and ended the tragedy that was grunge.

Try going to a show and seeing what heavy is, dudes. Then we’ll talk about your status as a “metal” band.



13 thoughts on “Horrible Band of the Day- Blacktooth Brigade

  1. We are bad motherfuckers and we WILL shred your faces off. Not metal cuz we don’t scream everything? Sorry. Come to the show this Friday and watch us open up for MOBILE DEATH CAMP. I dare you to say we don’t shred or thrash. It’s just that we just don’t do it all continuously like most everyone else… we dont have one speed. We write really complex shit with screaming and singing. But not like whiny crybaby shit, like the other most everyone else. We are different, you think that is bad? ok, sorry Supreme Metal Master. What fuckin’ riffs have you come up with lately?

  2. Who the fuck is this guy to judge what “metal” is. There are so many different variations of Metal. Fuck off. The way the article was wrote, I am sure you have a LARGE following and maintain credibility. Not all metal is 2000 bpm with thrashing of the guitars (that you can’t understand) and vocals that sounds like I just took a shit. You enjoy your shitball “Metal” and I will enjoy “Metal” where you can actually comprehend the talent. I hope writing isn’t your only job.

    • I have the average of 65,000 readers a month. Writing isn’t my only job, although it does contribute quite a bit to my income. You’re just a sad little person who refuses to believe that their metal is really rock.

      • wow, thats a lot! I’m so excited for you Metal Master! it’s so awesome that you are so fucking great you have learned how to supplement your income with your stupid little rants. Your so fucking hardcore dude. Keep it real.

  3. wow this is some funny shit , i just happen to stumble upon this and thought i would put my two sense in the mix . Who actually clarifys what is “METAL” and what is considered “HARDROCK”!, What is metal? As i remember metal was 80s hairband metal as it “was so called” labeled,… is that the case today, alot of bands lable themselves metal because of loud and heavy distortion guitars, screaming vocals is not what makes a band Metal… thats why there are so many generes of metal. Hardcore, Deathcore, Death metal, Black metal, screamo, punk…. who really gives F@### Rock ,hardrock .. whatever you do just do your thing and who gives two shits about who wants to lable your sound cuz its your sound and it may not be for everyone.

  4. You see, this is the kind of single-minded crap we shouldn’t even bother responding to; it just earns us the reputation of being pig-headed. Having said that, I will attack this on a personal level, instead of as the bassist of Blacktooth. Doc Brown, one thing I’ve learned as an artist, sculptor and musician with TWO DECADES of experience is that 1) Not everyone will like you, and that’s fine; I only care about a specific demographic anyway, and 2) 99% of art/music critics are simply wanna-or-never-gonna-be’s who get paid (and waste a perfectly good college degree in the process) to spout their own opinion. On the same coin, many metal fans are elitist and narrow-minded to be point of zealotry. Metal is the single largest and (at least in the States) most ignored by mainstream press; so many branches exist within this one genre it’s almost silly. I myself am inspired by such diverse bands as Danzig, King Diamond, Megadeth, Nightwish, Crowbar, Pantera, Cradle of Filth, etc., etc….see there? Seven different styles. Hard rock? Sorry, none of uses Aquanet or has ass-less chaps like Steven Tyler or the Fucking Black Crowes. And having lived through the god-awful grunge phase as a teenager I can honestly say that NONE of us have anything good to say about Nirvana; that was a deliberate dig and you know it. So, having said that I challenge you and anyone else without a lick of artistic talent to learn an instrument (or two or three, in my case), form a band, show us up and then spout your uninvited opinion.

  5. Pantera hard rock?!? Not even close hahaha. I gotta disagree on that one.

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