“You like me, you really like me!” by Doc Brown

Thank you Mike Mullaly for reminding me to do this article.

I get the fact that bands want people to like them, I really do, but why are bands forcing people to like them before we can even listen to them on Facebook. If we haven’t seen you live, we don’t know if we like you. You’d be surprised how often I won’t listen to a band because they try to force me into liking them just to listen to their music.

Having fans should be earned, not gained through trickery and deception. If you want people to like you for your music, let us listen to your fucking music. It really is a simple fucking concept. If you participate in this practice, having people “like” you on Facebook does not mean that you are a popular band or that your music is good, it means that you tricked a ton of people into liking you, because you’re so unsure of your music that you require the self gratifying “likes” to fulfill your sense of accomplishment.

What happened to the days when bands earned their fans?

Social Networking is not a replacement for going out and getting what you deserve, its an aid to get your name out in as many places as possible. Playing shows is the way to earn fans, not Facebook. The Social Networking-only bands are a fucking joke that really need to have their punchline come and knock them the fuck out of our scene.


One thought on ““You like me, you really like me!” by Doc Brown

  1. I gotta throw up the horns for this. I couldn’t agree more. Kind of like when bands on myspace used to use those apps or programs that would go around and automatically add request people. What’s the point of having a bunch of bands/fans on your friend list that either aren’t into your music or have nothing in common with? Has always seems pointless to me. I’d rather a small amount of “likes” or fans, than have a ton who don’t care one way or the other. Good blog sir! \m/

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