Horrible Band of the Day- Bloodletting

When Bloodletting isn’t ripping off Metallica they’re clearly ripping off All That Remains.

This is another case of a band that could have been good but fell short because of unoriginal riffs and horrible singing. James Hetfield and Phil Labonte have powerful voices. This dude does not.  When he does scream, which is very rare, it almost sounds decent. Almost.

Why are there so many bands like this? I blame it on their friends who tell them they are amazing, great, etc. People, if a band sucks you need to fucking tell them. Otherwise you end up with bands like Creed and Nickelback on the radio, and we all know how AWESOME they are.

Thank god that Bloodletting are taking a hiatus is September of this year.



2 thoughts on “Horrible Band of the Day- Bloodletting

  1. Well, I guess it could have been worse…

    Metallica, All That Remains, yup, that’s pretty damn close. Gotta throw in some A7X and Disturbed to round that out. Those are definitely our biggest influences!

    As far as “ripping off”, come on now, back that up with some hard evidence and examples. In the 21st Century there isn’t a single motive, in a single phrase, of a single song, no matter the genre, that hasn’t been done before.

    I am truly flattered that upon listening to our music you thought of such amazing acts, we must be doing something right. And thank you for taking the time to really listen to our music and write such an “in depth” and “accurate” review.


    P.S. You haven’t heard The Last of Us…

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